Projekte / Bildung
Kiron University bietet Flüchtlingen eine Plattform für eine exzellente akademische Bildung. Jederzeit, überall und kostenlos. Unsere Vision ist es, die Zugangshürden zur Hochschulbildung für Flüchtlinge zu eliminieren. Wir möchten eine Universität schaffen, die Flüchtlingen Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft durch Bildung ermöglicht - unabhängig von ihren (fehlenden) Dokumenten.
537.359 €
1.200.000 € 2. Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
30.09.15, 16:39 Markus Kreßler

found ourselves with a bigger goal. 120,000€ means one whole bachelor program for 100 students. But there are more refugees, who couldn't finish their studies in their home countries or cannot start due missing papers in the safe countries, where they are located now - together we can change that! Thanks to you, we reached our first goal, giving 100 refugees access to a whole three years Bachelor program but we know, we can do more! We strongly believe in our community and supporters who are working in a great team with us. We cannot describe how much joy we feel, seeing how the awareness grows that education is not only the tool to integrate, but also welcome them in a safe and fulfilled life that each of us deserves. And we can only say: THANK YOU! Together we can make studying accessible for even more refugees!

Let´s aim for the financing the next 100 Students!