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Projekte / Technology
The goal: Free of charge teach in an easy and playful way about the everyday therapy and make everyday life easier for children who have cystic fibrosis (6-16 years). Many children suffer from a chronic disease and must sometimes spend several hours a day for therapy measures. This presents a major burden for the children and their family environment. Using the example of cystic fibrosis our app "Patchie" shows that therapy can also be fun. The app will be available for Smartphone and Tablet.
76,165 €
140,000 € Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 02/04/2015 10:45 o'clock - 31/07/2015 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period 9 Month
Funding threshold 75,000 €
Funding goal 140,000 €
City Hamburg
Category Technology

What is this project all about?

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited metabolic disease and up until today there is still no cure. In Germany alone, approximately 8,000 children and young adults suffer from the effects and each year about 200 newborns are born with the disease.

The time daily spent on vital therapeutic measures can include up to several hours. The children must take in a multitude of medications.

This is boring and strenuous, but absolutely essential.

The children do not always understand that the therapy is now important so that 10 years from now, they are still feeling fine. Especially in adolescence a collapse of the lung functionality occurs in many patients. During puberty the therapy loses importance and the disease is often displaced.

The solution: With Patchie the children are not only playfully introduced to the therapy and enthused, but they are also taught the importance of it in an age-based and sustainable way. As a game for Smartphones and Tablets.

The functions in brief:

  • Game with reward system
  • Therapeutic game
  • Therapy plan for children, which grows with them
  • Current news and information to the syndrome
  • Therapy planer for parents
  • Instructions and videos for treatment and medication.
  • Function for the child care through third parties

The functions of Patchie are described and illustrated in detail on our website. http://en.patchie.org

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of Patchie is to promote in the children an understanding and above all additional incentives for their own therapy. Patchie is primarily a game and should be fun. The consequences of a therapy are portrayed age-based positively and negatively. The child has with Patchie a friend who suffers from the same syndrome and has the same needs. Patchie develops his own personality and needs, such as sleeping, eating, drinking and seeking the affection of the child. Of course, cystic fibrosis plays a crucial role. The child must treat Patchie and then sees what the consequences are if Patchie does not receive any treatment. Daily sports is one of them.

Patchie is designed for therapy needy children from the age of 6 to 16 years. The children's therapy app will first target children with cystic fibrosis.

We are also thinking about children with other diseases. The child therapy app will be developed as a White Label product. At a later point it can be adapted together with colleagues of the specialists in other special fields as well as diseases, e.g., asthma, leukaemia etc, for children and their families.

Why would you support this project?

1. Because cystic fibrosis is only the beginning and other diseases will follow as a Children's Therapy App.

2. Because a variety of experiences and studies testify that the therapeutic use of computer games motivates.

3. Because with the children’s therapy app the children are informed age-based and playfully about their illness.

4. Because a game speaks a convincing and sustainable language understood by children and is fun for them

5. Because the parents already have hard time and a children's therapy app helps them to deal with the disease more easily.

6. Because this type of therapy can be fun and can lead to more success.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In order to implement the Children's Therapy App with all the basic functions, we need 75,000 Euros. We know that it is a lot of money. We have worked on this project since June 2014 and so far financed it completely out of our own means. The means are now exhausted and we now must rely on the financial aid of other people. Therefore we would like to win you as a supporter. With the money we will take in with your help, we will implement the following steps:

Extension of medical and technical cooperation, particularly for cystic fibrosis.
We will produce the contents of the Children's Therapy App and set up the knowledge for all age groups.
We will develop the Children's Therapy App and test it until it runs smoothly, helping those affected and is fun.

In order to develop the Children's Therapy App with a reduced budget, everyone involved in the team is fully present and forgoes most of their salary. In addition we have decided to determine different goals:

With 75,000 € we will fulfill all promises made and develop the Children's Therapy App in German and English for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

With 90,000 Euros we will localize the app in French and Spanish, develop a Windows Phone and Windows tablet version and install additional content such as tasks for the child, new worlds and mini-games for Patchie. Here we also have very good ideas. In addition, we would like to add the children's friends as an additional target group. What does this exactly mean? Friends and acquaintances can download the Children's Therapy App and get a very good impression of the clinical picture and everyday therapy. They can play the Tamagotchi part of the app, using a pre-made treatment plan and go first hand through all the moments of the illness. Of course through this they will receive additional information.

With 140,000 Euros we will localize the Children’s Therapy App in other languages and go on tour with Patchie. This means we will visit clinics and treatment centers, go to conferences and events related to the illness and explain the app and bring it nearer to many interested parties in order for it to benefit as many children as possible. You are welcome to invite us to an event. In addition, we will offer the children with the app age-based explanatory videos about the illness and therapy. Patchie will personally stand in front of the camera.

Sport is one of the most important measures in cystic fibrosis. With 140,000 Euros we will develop Patchie Fitness-Fun and integrate it fully into the app. Here children and adolescents can measure themselves with others in different disciplines (stretching, running, cycling, etc.) and track their athletic development. Of course, they unlock great rewards for Patchie and in turn receive from him stories and different assignments. The assignments are generated dynamically and matched to the respective treatment plan. This is not only exciting, but also a lot of fun!

In this project, it is not our aim to achieve financial gain, but rather to make the therapy for the children and their families simpler. All this thanks to your support.

If the Children’s Therapy App is overfunded, we will use the funds in order to supply more quickly to the needs of children with other diseases. If we are not able to reach our Crowdfunding goal then every supporter will of course get their money back.

Who are the people behind the project?

The Mukoviszidose e.V. – Bundesverband Cystische Fibrose (CF) – Gemeinnütziger Verein supports us with their professional expertise:

"Therefore, we recommend your initiative to develop an app that can extensively help and enhance therapy knowledge in cystic fibrosis and to increase the motivation for the implementation of therapy. Also to ease the coordination of therapy and outpatient visits and to support cystic fibrosis patients, their families and doctor free of charge with well communicated and newest information about cystic fibrosis.
We wish you much success for the technical development and look forward to assist you with our professional expertise in the future in the farther development of this project. "

- Winfried KlĂĽmpen, Executive Director Help for selfhelp & associations matters, Mukoviszidose e.V.

The team that has appointed the Children's Therapy App Patchie to their heart's project, include the following persons:

Marta Anna Podolska (graphics and design)
Andreas Schreyer (UX/UI design)
Marc Kamps (draft and public work)
Mike Petersen (software developer)
Arne Krämer (software developer)
Sebastian Lenk (software developer)
Maha Zelzili (data protection and patient rights)
Brigitte Litzenberger (translations and public work)
Lukas Deuschel (music and sound)
Dr. med. Frank Ahrens (medical expert for cystic fibrosis)

We know what we are doing: For Patchie: Cystic fibrosis, we use all our experience and networks that we have built up over the years. The entire team has long-time experience in the game industry. We established in May last year with our savings the startup Birds and Trees and moved into an office unit in Hamburg-Harburg. So far, we have published the game Soledad (iOS / Android) and donated the proceeds to the UN Refugee Agency. We are convinced that we can do some good with small contributions.

What is the funding threshold?

75,000€: Game with reward system Therapeutic game Therapy plan for children that grows with them Current news and information to the illness Therapy planer for parents Therapy instructions and -videos Child care through third parties Contents in English and German 90,000€: Additional animations More assignments, new worlds and mini game Version for Third Parties: Experience and understand the illness up close Sharing information regarding the illness Version for Windows Phone/Tablet Contents in French and Spanish 140,000€: Patchie explains in age-based videos everything regarding the illness Patchie Fitness-Fun with adventure factor: Children and adolescents can measure themselves with others and can pursue their athletic development Great rewards for Patchie Fitness-Fun in the game Narrative lead in the form of stories for Patchie Fitness-Fun Patchie Fitness-Fun based on the therapy plan Patchie on tour Contents in further languages

Project updates


We are often asked if Patchie could also help children with diseases other than CF. That’s definitely a yes. However, we’re pretty committed to getting this App done right now for CF. Two of our team members are affected by this disease and we want to do it the right way. The result can (and will) easily be taken as a technological base for apps that support different diseases. You see there’s a lot to do. Please support us, together we can reach our goal!

Legal notice
Birds and Trees UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Marc Kamps
SchloĂźmĂĽhlendamm 11
21073 Hamburg Deutschland

UST-ID: DE295207838
Amtsgericht Hamburg, HRB 132049
Vertretungsberechtigte Personen: Marc Kamps, Sebastian Lenk


In Deutschland sind rund 8.000 Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene von der unheilbaren Erbkrankheit Mukoviszidose betroffen. Jedes Jahr werden rund 200 Kinder mit der seltenen Krankheit geboren. Der Mukoviszidose e.V. vernetzt die Patienten, ihre Angehörigen, Ärzte ,Therapeuten und Forscher.

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