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The "Hin und weg" motorcycle travel book goes international -- Ein Motorradreisebuch will in die Welt

27.000 km - 36 US-Staaten - 181 Tage - 1 Frau - 1 Motorrad | 2017 bin ich durch die USA gereist - allein und mit wenig Geld. Dieser Motorradtrip war nicht nur ein wahr gewordener Traum, er hat mein Leben verändert. Ich habe ein außergewöhnliches Land und noch außergewöhnlichere Menschen kennengelernt. | "Hin und weg" erschien 2020 auf Deutsch. Höchste Zeit, es ins Englische zu übersetzen! Mit meinem wundervollen Übersetzer wäre das möglich - sichere dir dein Buch und lass es wahr werden!
04.02.22 - 01.05.22
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Yes, I can be scary!

Eva Strehler
Eva Strehler2 min Lesezeit

"No, we don't have coffee. Nor a coffee machine. A restroom?" The lady on the clinic counter leans back - do I smell bad? "Over there..." Boy, she seems relieved to get some distance between her and me.

It's a cold morning in Friona, Texas, and the person that looks at met from the mirror would have scared me, too. Better get out of here!

As I cross the clinic parking, I hear someone calling out for me: Monia Ann, an angel in disguise.

This wonderful lady brings me black gold - coffee! And not only coffee, but also a toothbrush (okay, accept that parts of me smell bad) and a complete necessity kit.

Plus, she's mega nice!! I spare her a thankful hug from smelling me - hopefully, she sees how happy I am.

Unfortunately, Monia Ann has to go back to work before the coffee hits and I can have a decent conversation - but I'll take her with me in my heart.

❤️ I'm happy and honored that Monia Ann supports the translation campaign for my travel book "Once upon a bike" - thank you, Monia Ann ❤️

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I wrote this book after my 181 days solo motorcycle trip through the US and published it in German. The English edition will be published in all major English-speaking countries. We only need to get the translation funded ☺️

Wanna join in? Get...
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