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One World One Lab
The world of science is huge. Let's make it a little smaller. Let's travel to the labs of the world. With your help I will shoot 8 video documentaries about scientists from different parts of the planet. How comparable are our lives at work and in private in the light of our traditional, cultural and religious differences?
2.419 €
2.000 € Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
 One World One Lab
 One World One Lab
 One World One Lab


Finanzierungszeitraum 21.11.12 12:17 Uhr - 26.01.13 23:59 Uhr
Fundingziel 2.000 €
Kategorie Wissenschaft
Stadt Braunschweig



Check out my website for all further info: http://oneworldonelab.net/


FAQs: How long are you going to travel: January 10th – August 2013 (=~8 month, not 100% fixed yet) What is the money for: The 2.000€ are only for the project (camera + sound equipment +expenses while interviewing), not for my travelling! My travel money I saved during the last 2 years and I’ll cover flights, accommodation, food by myself. Funding: If the funding is not to 100% successful (less than 2.000€), all supporters will get their money back! I will only get the money if the funding is to 100% successful. I won’t have access to the money until the funding period is over (23.01.13). Will their be free access to the videos?: Of course! That’s the idea behind this. They will all be on youtube and on a blog or homepage that are I will create for it. How to donate: Chose the donation you like on the right side or enter an amount. Then quickly register. Unfortunately this site is available only in German. This should help all non-Germans (The screen shot is from another site but has same content): http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/1228/donationenglish2.jpg After registration you can pay via PayPal, Credit card and bank transfer from all countries (English: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/933/donationenglish1.jpg ) Thank you!

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