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One World One Lab
The world of science is huge. Let's make it a little smaller. Let's travel to the labs of the world. With your help I will shoot 8 video documentaries about scientists from different parts of the planet. How comparable are our lives at work and in private in the light of our traditional, cultural and religious differences?
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2.000 € Fundingziel
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01.10.13, 03:11 Christian Stern
After countless interviews, labs, flights, good dinners and wonderful people - finally, moving pictures. The preview of what is waiting for you in my movies. Greetings from Peru, Christian www.oneworldonelab.net
19.02.13, 13:00 Christian Stern
http://oneworldonelab.wordpress.com Hurrrrraaay, the new blog is online :-) From now on, you'll find all OWOL news here. Please leave a comment, tell me your ideas or what you liked/disliked.
23.01.13, 11:08 Christian Stern
As you know, the funding for my documentary project was successful and I?m so grateful for your help! But just in case you still want to support me I would be happy. Postcards, emails with more information and DVDs are waiting for you ;-) Day 12 in India and it feels already like a month. I?m here with 2 European and 2 Indian friends and I had already the chance to learn a lot about the Indian culture and its overwhelming hospitality. Staying with the families of my friends is the best way to get in touch with all the habits and to experience all the small and big interesting differences. Many of the local habits I just need to learn by doing. Eating with fingers and the right hand only for example is easier than I thought in the beginning (The left hand is taboo because it is only used on the toilet? ;-) Other things are more difficult. How to behave during dinner, in a train, on the streets. I.e. clearing your throat with a long chhhhhuuuurrrrgghh + spitting is ok, throwing your trash out of the window as well, blowing your nose instead is disgusting. However, cities like Pune and Delhi are amazing places and I could spend hours just watching the street life. You can find all kinds of extremes here. Basically everything is available and from horrible poverty to bling bling stores everything exists next to each other. In Dehli I had the chance to talk to two PhD students working in bioinformatics and to a whole immunology workgroup of the AIIMS Hospital (picture). All those people were so helpful and interesting in the same time. Anyway, the important point is, here are almost no foreign students. But since science is an international business people feel this lack of science/cultural exchange here and are as much interested in German or European research life as I am in theirs. I guess those circumstances will help my project a lot and it will be more dialogs than interviews. We are now relaxing a bit at the beach of Goa on the west coast. Next week I will back in Pune to meet some more people of the university there. If you want leave some ideas as comments for interesting questions you want me to ask in the interviews! Christian
07.01.13, 23:05 Christian Stern
It just happend. Without a warning. I'm still shocked. One World One Lab just hit the magic border of 2000€ and is funded!!! Yeeaaahhhh :-) 3 days before taking off to India, this is the best farewell present I could get. Thank you all for supporting my idea and for donating! The last two month had been full of stress and planing, but also full of joy and excitement. I can't wait leaving. I can't wait starting to dive into the South Asian way of life. I'm sure there are lots of hidden things to discover and interesting people to meet. With your help I am now also able to get in touch with science life in all these countries. I'm happy that I can share it with you and give you also an idea of how diverse research can be. My camera/audio hardware is now complete and I spent already almost all of the money for it. So, good to know that there is already a little bonus on top of the 2000€ :-) I'll keep you updated about the trip Wow, what a day! See you Christian
23.12.12, 15:00 Christian Stern
Dear supporters, It’s half time! The first of two month of crowd funding for my video project was quite successful. Thank you very much for your support and the new ideas I got in this time. After 50% of the funding period I got 73% (1.462€) of the needed money (check the graph). Because of these amazing numbers I’m optimistic that the whole thing will work in the end. You are awesome! Thank you!!! This week I will order all the needed camera equipment :) I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and relaxed holidays where ever you are in the moment. Christian
06.12.12, 17:29 Christian Stern
I just came back from a 3 days Science Communication Conference (Forum: Wissenschaftskommunikation 2012) in Dresden. I met many nice and helpful people and got tons of new ideas for this project. Of course I advertised ‘One World One Lab’ as good as possible and chewed up everyone’s ear :-). I hope this will boost the funding a bit. After two weeks of OWOL crowd funding, I’m still fascinated by all your support. In between I was a bit afraid that the crowd is losing interest in my project, but after a few days of stagnation there was again good progress (see my progress report :-) Thank you so much! Christian