Dr. Felix Blei


Iam a researcher from Jena, Germany. After my graduation in biology and microbiology i went to Prof. Hoffmeister's institute for pharmaceutical microbiology for my PHD. I studied the biosynthesis of different indolalkaloides out of the fungal basidiomycete psilocybe. We first characterized the biosynthesis of the psychotropic substance Psilocybin , and I developed an in-vitro approach for the biosynthesis of psilocybin, serotonin, and even some non-naturally analogues. Finally I could also make the important discovery of some natural occouring beta-carbolines in the psilocybe, which could interact and synergistic enhance the effect of the neutrotropic psilocybin. This was the disovery of psilohuasca, a cocktail of chemicals produced by the fungus.

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miraculix - Das Labor für die Hosentasche

miraculix - Das Labor für die Hosentasche

womit erstmals Konzentrationen und Zusammensetzungen psychedelischer Substanzen einfach bestimmt werden können. Sicher, präzise und mobil.