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Florian Christl

Deutschland / München

My name is Florian Christl I'm a german composer and pianist based in Munich. The day when I had my first piano lesson literally changed my life. I was a little boy in the age of 6 – and it’s hard to say for a kid this age – but somehow I already felt it back then: This was the day I found my purpose of life. The images and feelings of that day have burned deep down into the memory of my heart. From that day on my fascination for music swells and grows; and it still does today. To me there is no possibility to get a theoretical approach to music and composition. Cause music can not be theoretically constructed. It can not be forced to happen. Music is just pure emotion. It is all about passion. With my compositions I want the audience not to think about music I want to make them feel the music. There is a quote of Friedrich Nietsche that says: “Without music, life would be a mistake”. That’s exactly the way I feel for music. I couldn’t even live a single day without.