Crowdfinanzieren seit 2010

Simon Glöde

Germany / Flensburg

I am Simon, 29 years old and I was put here to share songs and sounds in all shapes and forms and have tried it all through the years: From metal to meditation, acapella to advertising. 4 years ago I quit my life and musical-career in Germany to go on an inner journey leading to many trips to India and living in a van before settling in Copenhagen, where a new environment and forming new relationships in the midst of a pandemic brought an array of new challenges. Deprived of concerts, jobs and distractions I dove into deepening my production-skills to realize a life-long dream of being able to produce my own music from idea to finish. And here we are: I have produced 5 new songs and created an environment for myself to keep my ideas flowing out into the world without middlemen. Almost: Because some finalizing things I need to outsource and I need your help paying these amazing men and women to finish my songs!

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