Dear friends, Club der Visionaere, and its sister Hoppetosse, need your help to keep survive. After last year’s fire at CDV and the ensuing costs – including ongoing structural and sound repairs -- we are struggling to survive the continuing Corona Virus setbacks. We have managed to make it through the last 20 years, but have exhausted our resources in the last year since the fire, trying to stay afloat. This latest crisis may now be too much and we may not be able to overcome it alone.
69.019 €
150.000 € Fundingziel 2
 Club der Visionäre
 Club der Visionäre
 Club der Visionäre
 Club der Visionäre
 Club der Visionäre

Über das Projekt

Finanzierungszeitraum 16.06.20 17:06 Uhr - 17.08.20 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum Spring 2021
Fundingziel 50.000 €

The first stage of funding would cover our basic operations costs. This funding is needed to get us through the summer.

Fundingziel 2 150.000 €

The second stage of funding is necessary to complete the rebuild and meet the new restrictions in order to continue functioning as Club der Visionaere.

Kategorie Musik
Stadt Berlin
Website & Social Media
Fishclub GmbH
Gregor Krämer
Am Flutengraben, 1
12435 Berlin Deutschland
Theaterhaus Ensemble wird corona-safe!
Theaterhaus Ensemble wird corona-safe!
Ihr helft uns beim Überleben der Coronakrise und wir singen euch was. Damit wir weiter Theater machen können, mutig bleiben und solidarisch.
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