WHOLE is an important highlight on the calendar for queers & their allies who wish to transcend their differences and experience collective joy. The 4th edition is cancelled due to COVID-19, making our financial situation dire. We carry major debts from our developing years and have no corporate support or major sponsorships: everything is funded by ticket sales. A major act of solidarity from our community is the only thing that will ensure the survival of WHOLE in these uncertain times.
36.313 €
100.000 € Fundingziel 2

Über das Projekt

Finanzierungszeitraum 24.04.20 15:25 Uhr - 15.06.20 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum Until the next edition
Fundingziel 100.000 €

Our initial funding goal would be a first step to pay a small part of our running costs & compensation for our staff.

This sum is what we currently need to avoid financial insolvency.

Kategorie Community
Stadt Berlin



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Whole GmbH
Raquel Fedato
Schönhauser Alle 167A
10435 Berlin Deutschland

Geschäftsführer_innen: Raquel Fedato, Danilo Rosato, Jacob Meehan, Chris Phillips, Giacomo Garavelloni, Giovanni Turco

HRB 206753 B, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
VAT: DE323928807

Theaterhaus Ensemble wird corona-safe!
Theaterhaus Ensemble wird corona-safe!
Ihr helft uns beim Überleben der Coronakrise und wir singen euch was. Damit wir weiter Theater machen können, mutig bleiben und solidarisch.
3.239 € 9 Tage