WHOLE is an important highlight on the calendar for queers & their allies who wish to transcend their differences and experience collective joy. The 4th edition is cancelled due to COVID-19, making our financial situation dire. We carry major debts from our developing years and have no corporate support or major sponsorships: everything is funded by ticket sales. A major act of solidarity from our community is the only thing that will ensure the survival of WHOLE in these uncertain times.
33.090 €
Flexible Kampagne: Die gesammelte Summe wird ausgezahlt.

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Thilo Dirks
Thilo Dirks vor 14 Stunden
Elias Liedholm
Elias Liedholm vor 19 Stunden
Markus Okur
Markus Okur vor 30 Stunden
Marcel Bisevic
Marcel Bisevic vor 34 Stunden
Mads Petersen
Mads Petersen vor 2 Tagen
Carsten Roth
Carsten Roth vor 3 Tagen
Stefano Falini
Stefano Falini vor 4 Tagen
Ryosuke Kondo
Ryosuke Kondo vor 5 Tagen
Caleb Morrell
Caleb Morrell vor 6 Tagen
Niklas Leppkes
Niklas Leppkes vor 8 Tagen
Georg Dahten
Georg Dahten vor 8 Tagen
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