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Semer Reloaded - Live Recording für ein musikalisches Denkmal
Ein Goldenes Zeitalter jüdischer Musik, fast vergessen – die Songs, die Hirsch Lewin in den Dreißigerjahren in Berlin auf seinem Semer-Label gesammelt hatte. "Semer Reloaded" hat diese fantastische Musik seit 2012 mit von der Kritik begeistert aufgenommen Konzerten quer durch Europa wieder zum Leben erweckt. Nun wollen wir sie live in Concert noch einmal neu aufnehmen, um – 70 Jahre nach dem Holocaust – das Semer-Erbe an heutige und kommende Generationen weitergeben zu können.
12.180 €
25.000 € 2. Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
08.06.16, 17:00 Alan Bern
Dear friends, thanks for making this incredible record possible! As the opening of KULTURSOMMER festival, Semer Ensemble is invited to hold their record release concert in the garden of Berlin's Jewish Museum. We, the artists and everybody involved in this unique project, would love to celebrate with you on a long, hot summer night... Saturday, 25 JUNE 2016, 18 – 20 pm Entrance: 10 €, reduced 7 € / tickets: Tel 030 - 259 934 88 / [email protected] Jüdisches Museum Berlin / Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin / Tel 030 - 259 93 300 / www.jmberlin.de More info here: http://www.jmberlin.de/main/DE/02-Veranstaltungen/veranstaltungen-2016/2016_06_25_semer.php ...and when we say long hot summer night this includes the... AFTER CONCERT at Café Tietz, 9pm SEMER ENSEMBLE IS PRESENT Potsdamer Str. 77 / 10785 Berlin / Tel 030 - 914 614 21 / www.cafetietz.de We are looking forward to seeing you there! Yusuf on behalf of Semer Reloaded
24.11.15, 16:36 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear friends, thanks to you we were able to record this beautiful music live in concert! We put together a video with impressions of the concerts and we are really happy that everything worked out well. Please feel free to share this video-link and show everyone that you supported this great project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cZQF6Ls7uo The live recordings will be mixed soon and you will receive your signed CD already in spring next year! We will keep you updated! Yusuf on behalf of Semer Reloaded
02.11.15, 16:34 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear Semer Reloaded friends, thanks to everyone who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign! We are really excited about the live recording concerts that will take place at Gorki Theater - Studio Я (Hinter dem Gießhaus 2, 10117 Berlin) on the 3rd and 4th. The doors will open 7.30pm and the concert will start at 8.30pm sharp. If you chose one of those events as a reward then you will be on the guestlist for the concert. After the live recording concerts we will finalise the recordings for the CD production. You will receive your signed CD or Download in Spring 2016. Thank you so much! We will keep you updated! Yusuf on behalf of the Semer Reloaded team
28.10.15, 16:27 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear friends, Semer Reloaded is busy rehearsing for the concerts next week! If you haven't got your tickets yet then you should hurry up! The "behind the scenes recording concerts" on both nights will start at 8.30pm, so please show up on time! We still have other beautiful rewards such as a "Your Personal Song", "Living Room Concert in New York", "Supporter Packages" and "Signed CDs"! Furthermore Lorin offers another dinner and Sasha another special cake for supporters! Yusuf on behalf of the Semer Reloaded team
13.10.15, 16:03 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear friends, Good news! The crowdfunding campaign for Semer Reloaded will be extended until 1st of November. Two important events in the 2nd half of October will give us more time to make this important project happen. For the first time the Neukölln Klezmer Ball is going to take place and we are happy that many Semer Reloaded musicians are part of it. Looking forward to spending more time with Berlin audiences sharing our music. More here: www.facebook.com/events/1633789023565899 Intentionally there will be WOMEX, the most important networking meeting for global music worldwide. Semer Reloaded singer Sasha Lurje will go to Budapest to introduce the project to reach more international supporters. More here: www.womex.com Now is the the time - 70 years after the holocaust - to record this beautiful music and make sure that it will not be forgotten but passed on to present and future generations. We want to take every chance to realize this great and relevant project with your help! We are really thankful for your support so far and we are positive that we will make it with your support! Yusuf on behalf of the Semer Reloaded team
12.10.15, 19:53 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear Semer Reloaded friends, check out Lorin Sklambergs video about Semer Reloaded and the rewards that he offers if you support the crowdfunding campaign! Lorin Sklamberg cooks a dinner for you or gives you lessons in music! https://www.facebook.com/Semer.Reloaded/videos/476034105933462/ Only available until 18th of October! Yusuf on behalf of the Semer Reloaded team
08.10.15, 18:31 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear Semer Reloaded friends, it is really great that we nearly reached 5.000€! Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to this beautiful project! We have to reach at least 12.000€ to make this happen and we have only 9 days to go! Here is a report about Semer Reloaded from 3sat that shows some insights, musical performances and the musicians involved in Semer Reloaded - Alan Bern, Paul Brody, Mark Kovnatskiy, Martin Lillich, Sasha Lurje, Fabian Schnedler and Lorin Sklamberg: _ www.youtube.com/watch?t=12&v=1Xky4Omql5g You can still get tickets to take part in the two 'Live Behind The Scenes Recording Concerts' in Studio R at Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and experience how a CD is actually produced and recorded in an intimate environment! You can also get a signed CD before it is released officially in shops! Support Semer Reloaded to revive the music of the label Semer until the 18th of October! Yusuf on behalf of the Semer Reloaded team
05.10.15, 15:23 Sasha Lurje
Dear Friends, thanks to all of you who has already supported the recording of this wonderful project we are all very happy to be working on. We still need the support of our friends, though. Please keep spreading the word about our fundraising campaign. Meanwhile we are offering new rewards for our upcoming donors. Now you can pre-order a set of 5 or 10 CDs. But that’s not all! You can receive a home cooked meal in your own place with nobody less than one of the best cooks I know Lorin Sklamberg himself. I even heard something that you could have a chance to try his mother’s special kugl. I offer to bake one of my delicious cakes - believe me, you’ll be surprised! So, hurry up! We only have two weeks left! Warmest greetings to all! Sasha Lurje
30.09.15, 16:38 Yusuf Sahilli
Dear Supporters, we are glad to announce that our friend Clueso supports Semer Reloaded! Thank you very much to everyone who already supported us - we reached 1765€ and we still have over 10000€ to go, so that we can revive the music of the label Semer! You can still choose from a great variety of rewards such as signed CDs, Downloads, lessons from Alan Bern and Lorin Sklamberg, two exclusive behind the scene concerts, living room concerts and much more. Check out the video of Clueso! _ https://www.facebook.com/Semer.Reloaded/videos/473007869569419/ Have you already joined our Facebook events for the two Live Behind the Scenes Recording Concerts at Studio Я in the Maxim Gorki Theater on the 3rd and 4th of November? _ https://www.facebook.com/events/995532257136357/ _ https://www.facebook.com/events/1653465348258288/ Please follow Semer Reloaded on Facebook for further updates! _ https://www.facebook.com/Semer.Reloaded All the best, Yusuf on behalf of the Semer Reloaded team