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Peti Songcatcher & Friends 2.CD - "Lieder zwischen Himmel & Erde"

Peti Songcatcher & Friends 2.CD - "Lieder zwischen Himmel & Erde"

Songcatcher – the name says it all. As some kind of modern bard I collect spiritual songs, so-called chants. In order to share the abundance of these songs with you I have come...

Ottersberg Music
Peti Songcatcher
Katrin Kutter
Alexandre Barbry
CD "Lieder zwischen Himmel & Erde"
5,238 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 Peti Songcatcher & Friends 2.CD -


Funding period 05.03.2014 18:26 Uhr - 05.05.2014 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 5,000 €
City Ottersberg
Category Music
Songcatcher – the name says it all. As some kind of modern bard I collect spiritual songs, so-called chants. In order to share the abundance of these songs with you I have come up with new versions of them in German, English and Spanish. My second CD brings these songs, carefully arranged, recorded and mixed, straight to your living room or your headphones.

What is this project all about?

I strongly believe in the fact that the songs we listen to around the campfire are common property, but that people need to be able to access these songs. It is my vision to make these songs available in three languages (German, English, Spanish) to an international audience for everyone to draw strenght from in their daily lives.
I travelled far and wide and listened to the songs of many different people, cultures and traditions and collected chants the way the Grimm Brothers collected fairytales.
The songs I collect are spiritual ones, so-called chants that people enjoy singing around the campfire. The lyrics often draw from Nature; the Sun, the Wind, Water and Earth and the four elements are often featured. Another important theme of the songs is the fire of passion and the ancient tradition of standing, sitting or dancing in a circle while singing together. People are sharing songs this way and I record them.

The lyrics of the songs are simple and short, they come straight from the heart and appeal to the soul - or the other way round or both. All of them are easy to learn, easy to sing along and easy to sing by oneself even for untrained voices. This makes them so popular and effective- you don't need a degree to enjoy singing them. I want to share them with you and thus I bring them, carefully arranged, recorded and mixed, straight to your living room or to your headphones. Use them to relax your soul and to balance your heart. They also carry some sense of longing and the promise of a different, a good life. It is a promise that speaks from experience; yes, it is possible for you, too and especially for you. You don't need to believe in anything other than the calling of your own heart and probably your voice wanting to join the songs. Give yourself permission to sing and go for it - don't worry, we are singing along with you.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The songs are meant for people who make music in their heart, for people all over the world who enjoy celebrating rituals and need songs for that purpose, for people looking for inspiration; in brief for all of you and for me as well.

I don't want to keep the songs I discovered and collected on my travels to my own singing circle or my performances, but to share them with people all over the world to listen and sing along. Moreover I want to tell the stories behind the songs.

The CD is also for those people who might not be able to travel themselves.

Why would you support this project?

This project is truly unique! Friends of mine translated the songs I collected in Spain, the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, the UK … into various languages or new lyrics were created.
You can listen to some of the tracks embedded on this page to get an idea of a song recorded in several languages within one single track.

Like my first CD the second album by "Peti Songcatcher & friends" is an independent production without any financial backing by a publishing company or record label. Because of that I am asking for your help to realize this project, which is a matter very close to my heart. This way you can help me give the gift of these songs from all over the world back to the world. Many thanks!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We will produce the new album including an intricate cover and sumptous booklet that tells the stories behind the songs in words and pictures. Most of the money will be spent on production and printing costs. But I also want to pay my team properly and this is something that matters a lot to me. Playing music, taking pictures and other kinds of artistic and sound engineering work deserve more of a compensation than just a mere thank-you. We all do each other favours as well, but nobody can make a living from that alone.
Our target of 5.000 Euro only covers the bare bones of the project. For example we still have to come up with money for sound equipment and travel. So every little extra helps and is greatly appreciated!

Current status of the project:
We have got all the songs in the can and we are working on the mastering, the cover and the booklet. All the photos are finished, so everything is fine – but we need funding.
I confidently ask for your support to bring joy to people all over the world with this CD.

Who are the people behind the project?

This is my project. The musicians and the other participants are family members and friends of mine. Many of them are locals of Ottersberg, a place where collaboration on arts projects is possible as well as characteristic of the local community.

The album was recorded in Berlin and at my home in Ottersberg in the vicinity of Bremen between summer 2013 and early 2014. We set up a mobile recording studio with musicians bringing their instruments and sound engineers bringing their magic boxes. The set-up didn't take that long, but recording took a little longer.
We recorded one track after the other like it is done in recording studios and only in some special cases we allowed ourselves to go with the flow of the moment and recorded all vocals in one go in real-time. We enjoyed the collaborative recording sessions tremendously and there was a lot of laughter.

Peti Songcatcher: From the concept to its realization, from the smallest detail to the big picture this CD is my baby. But nothing goes without my truly fabulous team, which I would like to introduce to you now:

The driving forces behind the project are the musicians
Paula Noske (vocals, guitar, drum, percussion, rhythms, arrangements & mix),
Duke Meyer (production manager, arrangements & mix, bass, guitar, harmonica, vocals) & myself (vocals, arrangements & mix).

Karin Makrickas, Diana Dunstheimer, Franzy Dunstheimer & Anja Fahrenberg contributed to the vocals in "Fire transform me - slight return" and Judith Zell to the track "Spirit I love you".

Karans evocative flute sounds can be heard in "When you were born“.
Alexandre Barbry produced captivating Didge and Djembe sounds for us and Anja contributed enchanting harp sounds while Manolin Fahrenberg grounded us with the beats of his bodhran.
Michele Broszio helped Paula and me to improve our pronunciation for the songs we sing in Spanish.

Dear Luna/JP Hartsong/Rootsie: R.I.P. – we listen to your voice and honour you in the song „Where ist the moon“.

My dear son Christian Wachsmuth kindly volunteered his excellent skills to master CD + Video and to tackle particular sound problems.

Katrin Kutter is the graphic designer of the CD and a passionate photographer. She is always a great source of inspiration to me. Her varied experience and our closeness also challenge me to do my best. All band photos displayed on this website were taken by her.

The video you can see on here is due to the talented Marian Matthies from Ottersberg.

A mostly solitary witch for many years, tiger was happy to (re)connect with Reclaiming in 2013, when he also met Peti. He is delighted to help with translations into English.

Martin Köhler and Jan Runhardt are my lovely supporters and advisers. As internet experts they have a feel for technical possbilities as well as current trends.

We hope to see you at the release party in Ottersberg in the merry month of May 2014! There you can meet all of us in person and collect autographs from us.

Peti Songcatcher: www.songcatcher.eu & www.schoepferin.eu
Paula Noske: www.paulanos.de
Duke Meyer: www.eibensang.de & www.singvoegel.com

Alexandre Barbry: www.wirfairtrauen.de
Anja & Manolin Fahrenberg: www.kunst-reich.com & www.vielsaitig.com
Karan: www.troubadoura.de & www.singvoegel.com
Michele Broszio: www.escuela-panama.eu/en/ & www.escuela-panama.eu/es/

Katrin Kutter: http://fischkatron.de/ & www.katrinkutter.de
Marian Matthies: www.youtube.com/channel/UCKAwRBdFOxROmDlCNVtvACw/videos

Martin Köhler: www.mk-internet.de
Jan Runhardt: www.janrunhardt.nl

Legal notice
Peti Songcatcher (Kleingewerbe)
Petra Maria Dannemann
28870 Ottersberg Deutschland


I'm sorry - this review of Curtis Nike for my 1st CD "Peti Songcatcher & friends - Singing the Circle of Abundance" is available in German only.
Meanwhile the 1st CD got a 2nd edition, with a beautiful new cover :) Feel free to ask me for details.

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