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The T3Marketplace will empower the whole TYPO3 Community with its easy and fast exchange of extensions and services, over a shop-platform. You have to build extension for your clients or you're in need of a responsive theme? Check the T3Marketplace and get what you need. And of course most of you already developed cool extensions and features which for some reasons you won't push into the repository. Now you can put them into the T3Marketplace and enrich the T3-Ecosystem a lot.
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08.09.17, 15:08 Boris Hinzer
Lately, we have talked to various people from the TYPO3 Community and got the proposal to extend the sponsor reductions for commissions and coupon usages. We valued this feedback very much and decided to prolong the sponsor packages now to three years - instead of originally one year . Also, these three years now start to count from the first usage and aren't bound to the #t3marketplace launch. Due to limitations in the Starnext platform, we aren't able to change the existing rewards, like seller packages and buyer gratifications. Nevertheless, we promise to extend the sponsorships according to the announced three years, beginning from the initial usage of the TYPO3 Marketplace platform.
29.08.17, 15:59 Boris Hinzer
In the past few weeks, we got a reasonable amount of comments regarding the TYPO3 Marketplace initiative and its crowdfunding campaign. Some of the people we talked to said that the goal of the crowdfunding was way too high for an initial version, while others told us that they would have expected up to the double amount as a funding goal. That's why we decided to share our calculation for the first version of the T3marketplace with the community and published a google spreadsheet as a website using the following link: TYPO3 Marketplace calculation link
19.08.17, 12:40 Boris Hinzer
With this blog post, I am trying to explain some thoughts behind the concept of the #t3marketplace like it is now and I am taking some discussion points or statements from the twitter thread I had with @danielkestler here: Within this context, you might also want to read about the planned features ( - Question "How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?"), our first FAQ blog post ( and some thoughts well known community members had in their interviews ( Statement: "... integration in TYPO3 is key to success." To be honest, I don't think so. Just take a look at various other marketplaces for other (open-source) systems like Magento or WordPress or even successful independent platforms such as Theme Forrest or Templatemonster. They all started somehow without a full integration into their systems or are still running without a full integration. All of them doing pretty well without it. Afaik none of them are doing a payment clearance within the system itself. Statement: "...your priorities are upside down" Even if I strongly also wish to have a full TYPO3 integration first, I don't think it would be doable without a proper setup for checkouts, tax clearance, product and vendor listings, buying processes, etc. Also, we would need to think about TYPO3 instance identifications, buyer logins including license management, gated access depending on the SLA or services which you have recently purchased, composer and non-composer mode and lots more. And this would only cover software - not additional services which are not even tight to software at all, like SLA handling or job and training offers. Building it the other way round (aiming first for TYPO3 integration), would make things far harder to tackle. We would soon be in an NIH (Not Invented Here) trap again, since we need to build everything on our own, tailored towards our APIs. With our approach, the initial funding goal is to setup a system which enables to do all the major things a usual shop does, including downloads for software, having a clearance on taxes, currencies and legal stuff, split carts, commission handling, gated access to services and software, etc. Yes, we might also have some "nice to have" features, but why not if they are "quick wins" and easy to implement. If you have some additional thoughts or questions about the #t3marketplace, please feel invited to either leave a comment here or to discuss them on Slack in the #t3marketplace channel.
18.08.17, 11:19 Boris Hinzer
With this extension for the TYPO3 Marketplace the operator of the marketplace, can setup rules and override the intended commission of 20% for either product categories, individual vendors and also for vendor categories. This feature lays the basis for certain types of marketplace partnership levels and also for the planned, reduced commissions for sponsor packages.
06.08.17, 18:35 Boris Hinzer
Imagine we are already having the TYPO3 Marketplace running. Now we expect that a client would like to buy two or more products or services from different vendors, at the same time. This is where the split order feature comes in. Once the customer buys any amount of goods of different vendors, this function splits his cart to several orders including different order ids automatically. With this approach, the TYPO3 Marketplace could ease the process for the order of each vendor and handle their appropriate commissions, taxes, licenses, products, downloads, and lots more much easier than it would be in one single order.
06.08.17, 17:45 Boris Hinzer
Olivier Dobberkau is Chairman of the Board of the TYPO3 Association and CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH. He is responsible for the research and development at dkd and known for his work on Apache Solr for TYPO3. Currently his colleagues are working on computer vision and semantic technologies under the name: He has been using TYPO3 many years and says that the best is yet to come. Hey Olivier, how do you like the idea of having a TYPO3 Marketplace in general? I think that the TYPO3 Marketplace holds great potential if participants take ownership of it. It’s excellent to see that Agencies have taken the initiative to conceptualize, draft and calculate the effort to do so. The crowdfunding idea is logical and comes at the right moment of of time. TYPO3 has been revived and it needs to show how good it has adapted to nowadays requirements. I wish that this crowdfunding campaign will be successful. Where do you see the biggest potential or the biggest advantages for you with a marketplace? I my eyes the biggest potential lies in the central approach to create a place where all TYPO3 offerings can be seen. It will create a transparent platform to all what is happening around TYPO3. It’s all about visibility and opportunity created. The Marketplace is the only approach that promises growth for everyone around this platform. What do you think, how will the TYPO3 Marketplace change the TYPO3 ecosystem? That’s a good question! I hope for good. At present the ecosystem seems cluttered and distributed in an uncomfortable way. Others are profiting from the needs of TYPO3 without contributing back. This will surely change and bring new partnerships that will catapult the ecosystem to a new level. I also hope for a clarification on the entry level to TYPO3. I hope for distributions alongside typical TYPO3 user segments. A clearer commitment to what other CMS ecosystems are already exercising: be it templates, add-ons, integrations, service levels or trainings. Which kinds of services or products are you going to offer on the TYPO3 Marketplace? We as dkd will use the obvious services such as job postings, training offerings and the support offers around our TYPO3 activities. We can imagine to distribute our Apache Solr Add-ons via the TYPO3 Marketplace, but also advertise our TYPO3 quick-starter package or our cloud-based offerings around But we also will use it to support everyone who is helping us to deliver a great product with their offerings. Where do you see the TYPO3 Marketplace three years from now? In my vision this will become a vibrant place where things will be kickstarted, developed, maintained and shared. It should become the central hub of communication and transaction for TYPO3, enabling the community to thrive and continuing the quest to stay relevant in the area of content and information management. Thank you very much for the interview, Olivier.
31.07.17, 10:15 Boris Hinzer
Petra and Jo Hasenau are the founders of the Cybercraft Media Manufactory, a company specialized in TYPO3 services and mainly acting as a workbench for other agencies. In 2012 and 2013 they did the first crowd funding campaigns for Gridelements and Themes , two major TYPO3 extensions they are still maintaining today. As of 2014 they are organizing the TYPO3 User eXperience Week and Petra lately joined the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 association. Petra, Joey, how do you like the idea of having a TYPO3 Marketplace in general? P: I really like creating a contact point for TYPO3. This way people who are already or to-be working with TYPO3 get a chance to get in contact with each other, even though they might be not that familiar with the community and its structures and responsibilities. J: Having a one-stop solution to find and buy products and services within the TYPO3 ecosystem perfectly makes sense to me. Where do you see the biggest potential or the biggest advantages for you with a marketplace? P: The exchange, the communication, the distribution and the services behind it. J: Using the marketplace as the official platform to sell our SLA for TYPO3 extensions will emphasize the close collaboration with the TYPO3 GmbH we are planning for that service anyway. This way we can make sure everybody understands we are enhancing their services instead of competing with them. How will the TYPO3 Marketplace change the TYPO3 ecosystem? P: I think it might enable better networking and therefor help to make people and their services more visible to the community, who have been more or less unknown before. So they might become real members of the community then. J: A one-stop TYPO3 marketplace will increase the visibility of available services, the competition between the vendors and the trust in TYPO3 as a system. So it will help to clean up old structures and generate new modern ways of collaboration. Which kinds of services or products are you going to offer on the TYPO3 Marketplace? P: Coders.Care extension SLA J: For sure we will offer our Coders.Care SLA, but I can imagine offering training, coaching and consulting there too. Where do you see the TYPO3 Marketplace three years from now? P: A highly frequented marketplace with lively exchange of services and information. J: It has the potential to become the de facto sales point for services in and around the TYPO3 ecosystem. So in the end it might render current services like the TYPO3 extension repository obsolete. Thank you very much for the interview.
29.07.17, 14:02 Boris Hinzer
Have you ever wondered where your clients are located or what kind of products are the top sellers over time? With the "Advanced Reports" features vendors can generate reports for time periods like Day, Week, Month and Year, select the product type, the top selling categories and also the order status within their own vendor page.
27.07.17, 23:05 Boris Hinzer
Imagine you act as a service provider, want to offer a theme or an extension or any kind of product on the upcoming TYPO3 Marketplace. Of course, you have taken care of an extensive description, covering all kinds of information and what a possible buyer can expect from your offer. Hopefully, the visitor gets all the information he needs. But what happens if he can't find all information? This is where the "Q & A" feature steps in. With the "Q & A" feature, the visitor of your offer will be able to get in touch with you, directly related to this certain product. Furthermore, you can answer his question and can decide if you want to publish it underneath your product information with your answer, so future visitors can view these additional information.
26.07.17, 13:02 Adrian Zimmermann
We have planned various types of products in the TYPO3 Marketplace. Therefore it is necessary that we setup similar product types with so called attribute sets with a range of attributes. An example: If you want to sell an extension, possible product attributes could be "TYPO3 version compatibility" or "Last updated" these should be bound to an attribute set called "extensions". Compared to that, thinking about selling a training an attribute like "Startdate" or "Available amount of tickets" might better fit the needs for this product type. So not every attribute fits to every product type. What's the goal of this feature? Since Magento already supports these kind of attributes and attribute sets, we need to create these once and assign them to the different product types. Also we need to make sure, when a vendor selects the one or the other product type, he can enter the right attributes with his product choice. Also the product listings should reflect those attributes and attribute sets. Also these product attributes shall be used for filtering the products (eg. according to the TYPO3 version or a certain date or price range). Additionally these attributes can be used for discount rules. To give you an example on this, here is a silly rule example "Today is green Wednesday, every product which has a color = green, get's a 5% discount."
24.07.17, 11:02 Adrian Zimmermann
During the next weeks we are going to publish various interviews with well known TYPO3 community members about the #t3marketplace. We are very delighted that Mathias Schreiber, the CEO of the TYPO3 GmbH, is the first interview partner to answer our questions. Q: How do like the idea of having a TYPO3 Marketplace in general? A: Having a marketplace is an opportunity for TYPO3 we should not miss. It is on our internal agenda to eventually have such a marketplace where everybody can offer their services on a central platform. If the community picks up the idea of offering services and the market accepts using such a central marketplace, it can have a very positive impact onto TYPO3 as an ecosystem. Q: Where do you see the biggest potential or the biggest advantages for you with a marketplace? A: A marketplace gives people the chance to offer their services to a broader audience. So people that might not have thought of doing business in countries other than their own could use such a platform to expand their business. Open Source in itself is a nice thing, but having a vibrant business model around it so one can make a proper living from it is a great thing! Q: How will the TYPO3 Marketplace change the TYPO3 ecosystem? A: As I said earlier I hope it brings business to people that had a hard time creating such a business for themselves until now. And a good service offering around a product like TYPO3 will result in that product being more successful. Q: Which kinds of services or products are you going to offer on the TYPO3 Marketplace? A: All our products. So ELTS, SLAs, generic project- and extension reviews. We’re working on a couple of other things, but that’s for a later day. Q: Where do you see the TYPO3 Marketplace three years from now? A: Integration into Build- and CI-Chains is a huge thing that needs to be in the marketplace. It should be fully integrated into TYPO3’s backend so the marketplace becomes an integral experience for users. It should offer the possibility to notify users about updates of extensions right from within TYPO3, providing a great user experience as well as driving business for extension developers. New installs of TYPO3 could offer trainings if a user provides his/her location so we can refer business to local trainers. There are plenty of ideas that spawn from having such a solution and I guess the TYPO3 community can come up with more things we don’t dare to think of today. Thank you very much for the interview, Mattes.
17.07.17, 12:13 Adrian Zimmermann
Q: What is the TYPO3 Marketplace? A: Well, basically it’s the idea to have an “App Store” for TYPO3 related products and services, where we do a matching between vendors (eg. extension developers or service providers) and buyers. If you want to buy services, a certain extension, theme or similar, this should become the first way to look. Also think about non-digital goods such as hosting, training, SLA or even events. That’s what we’re aiming for. TYPO3 Marketplace should become the hub for all services around TYPO3, no matter if they are offered for money or completely free. Q: Who is the TYPO3 Marketplace Initiative? A: The TYPO3 Marketplace Initiative are driven by the following agencies and persons. Pagemachine ℅ Voker Neuhaus, Snowflake ℅ Adrian Zimmermann, web-vision ℅ Boris Hinzer. Q: I thought the TYPO3 Marketplace was a task of the TYPO3 GmbH ? A: Yes, that’s right and it’s still on their roadmap. But we, the TYPO3 Marketplace Initiative, would like to see it to happen sooner and would like to have it with a MVP (minimum viable product) approach, also covering additional features. That’s why we started it. The development itself will happen in close cooperation with the TYPO3 GmbH and the T3A. We have planned to donate the TYPO3 Marketplace to either the TYPO3 Association or the TYPO3 GmbH once it’s running at least at break-even. Q: Why should I support the Marketplace funding? A: We believe that the TYPO3 Marketplace is an important step for the TYPO3 ecosystem. We often see that agencies or developers offer almost the same extensions, without even noticing each other. Additionally freelance developers sometimes find it hard to get financial support for their developments. With the marketplace we close these gaps. We are bringing vendors, buyers and possible partners together. Also we hope that similar developments will happen far less in the future and developers and agencies join forces. Beyond software, think about other platforms and services earning money with “TYPO3” as a brand eg. recruiting services or job platforms. They don’t support the TYPO3 ecosystem. We see an opportunity for the TYPO3 Marketplace in this regards.. If you are really interested that TYPO3 grows as a wealthy ecosystem, funding is the right way to do it. Besides that you could also profit from the TYPO3 Marketplace. Q: What happens with the money, which is earned by running the TYPO3 Marketplace? A: At first we are going to cover ongoing costs like server infrastructure, pre- and after sales, support, marketing, etc. Once the Marketplace is running at break-even, we plan to hand-over the Marketplace to either the TYPO3 GmbH or the TYPO3 Association as a donation, so it could become a profit generating platform for the whole TYPO3 project. Q: Will the Marketplace have a full TYPO3 CMS integration? A: We have planned this feature as a stretch goal. For the MVP version we expect to have downloads as TGZ, ZIP or similar, as well as “virtual products” which don’t need downloads at all. Q: Will the Marketplace make the TER obsolete? A: We don’t expect such to happen in short time. There is no “must” to offer your services or extensions in the Marketplace. Although you can offer a “free sample” or “open source version” within your product at the same time. The difference is that your customers don’t need to pass the checkout process then. Also thinking about non-software products like trainings, SLA, events, job offers, etc, the Marketplace will be able to handle such. Q: So, in future we will have two Marketplaces? A: No, since we coordinated everything with the TYPO3 GmbH and even meet regularly at their location in Dusseldorf. Also we have planned to donate the TYPO3 Marketplace to either the TYPO3 Association or the TYPO3 GmbH once it’s running at least at break-even. Q: How have you planned the development of the Marketplace? A: First we asked the TYPO3 Association members about it in a survey. You can find the results here . Then we did a research on possible solutions. For example we asked various SAAS vendors for their offers and took a look at the technical possible solutions. We found that especially SAAS offers had a rather basic feature set, which we would sooner than later need to extend. That’s why we decided against SAAS. With those information combined we sat down with the TYPO3 GmbH and came up with a feature list of “must-haves” and “nice to haves”. Based on these features we did an evaluation and finally came up with to develop the Marketplace based on Magento 2 and this crowdfunding campaign. Q: How is the development itself going to happen? A: After our evaluation period we decided to develop the Marketplace based on Magento 2. Since we are now three leading agencies, we are going to make “work packages” based on necessary tasks, which one of these agencies are going to deliver. If you think you could help us, please to contact us. Q: I was not aware of the Marketplace Initiative before, can I still join? A: Yes sure. Please make sure, that you are able to participate at the regular meetings in Duesseldorf and deliver your possible work packages in time. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. Btw. we don’t do any reimbursements on travel costs for attending the meetings in Düsseldorf. ;) Also please get in touch with one of the Initiative members upfront and let us know where you see yourself to participate. Q: Regarding the screenshots you show in the crowdfunding, are these definite? A: No, they are meant as mockups, but they are the results of the proof-of-concept and of “running code”. Q: When do you start the development of the TYPO3 Marketplace? A: Basically the first steps in development are already done, since we built the proof-of-concept based on Magento 2. We are going to continue our tasks as soon as the first funding goal is reached. This means the sooner the funding is done, the sooner we can continue working on the Marketplace and the sooner the Marketplace will launch. Q: I want to become a vendor on the TYPO3 Marketplace, how much money do I earn? A: Since we charge a commission of 20%, you get 80% of every sale. Additionally you could lower the commission rate by crowdfunding this campaign ;) Q: How will you cover the ongoing costs of the TYPO3 Marketplace? A: We calculated a commission of 20% of every sale for covering costs like infrastructure, pre- and after sales support, marketing etc. Besides that we need to figure out a pricing model for products without a price tag, like job offers or reviews. Q: I have additional questions regarding the TYPO3 Marketplace, how can I get in touch with you? A: We opened a new Slack Channel called: #t3marketplace. Please feel free to get in touch with us there. Also we have planned to make a QA sessions as webinar. Q: I want to sponsor individually, is that possible? A: Yes, we are open for your ideas or suggestions. We also thought about special feature sponsorships or a bulk voucher sponsorship where you can spread a certain amount of vouchers among your customers. Q: Regarding licensing , can I offer my GPL-licensed software and earn money with it? A: All TYPO3 extensions are covered by the GPL. The License allows the sales without any problem (Please see FAQ GPL here ). We would advise to think about a different approach on offering your your software. Buyers are often more interested in Support and Maintenance of the code, Documentation and Trainings. Hint: Think more toward a “Software Update Service” rather than a fixed retail prices tag.

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