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Musik, die Dich in eine Klangdecke einhüllt, Dich mit auf eine Reise in eigene Welten nimmt...Eine Stimme die fliegt...über eine spannende Mischung aus Weltmusik, filmmusischen Streichersätzen, jazz- und postrockigen Elementen, in Verbindung mit jeder Menge Klang und Emotionen.
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25.01.17, 20:28 Tabea Mangelsdorf
PEOPLE, in case you have not noticed, WE MADE IT!!! With YOU!!! 11.000 Euros raised for our brand-new Album STARS AT EYE-HEIGHT! We are really moved by all these incredibly generous contributions and for everyone who decided to be part of this! We really learned to overcome our doubts (which were not few) through you who contributed! Never would we have made it alone. Your support signals so much YESS to what we share with our music! Can you believe this??? :D THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for your giving, for your words and for your help in spreading it! you will each hear personally from us soon!! March 10 we play our official release at Lutherhaus Osnabrück with 13 musicians! It would be an honor to see you (if you are in the country;;) Loooooove from us to you!!!
18.01.17, 12:51 Tabea Mangelsdorf
Thank you for supporting our album! I just received the final master and am crazy happy! We have 4 days and have almost reached the goal with 2.400 euros still missing. I am sure you have friends who would enjoy this Album or a lesson or a personal video serenade?! We are happy to give and grateful for the support. I am crossing my fingers until Sunday midnight. Be with me my friends! warmest Tabea
15.01.17, 23:21 Tabea Mangelsdorf
Hello beautiful people, we got one more week! In this last video I share about my music and the process of creating this colorful album STARS AT EYE-HEIGHT. Thank you one 100 people for your generous support on this journey.
18.12.16, 20:29 Tabea Mangelsdorf
Helloooo there!! :D Here comes a studio live-video JUST FOR NOW, which marks a new era in my music! Mixed by Paul Evans at the Greenhouse Studios in Iceland. We have only a few days now and we still need a lot. If you have friends that might like it, we'd be super happy if you share it with them! In the song JUST FOR NOW I long for inner liveliness, for contact with magical nature, for inner peace and to stop needing to hunt after success and achievements. I long to simply do things just because i want to engage in magic, play and fantasy! Enjoy the ride! Camera and Cut: Tristan Hachmeister and Michael Urbatzka Mix: Paul Evans Master: Christian Grothe Recording: Martin Schmeing
15.12.16, 22:43 Tabea Mangelsdorf
What would I do without this blond hardcore angel!? Here is an interview with Christian Grothe, my guitarist, producer, musical - and soul partner! He is so pure and easy to love! I still remember the first night we met and talked until 5am, inspired and in a different world, I was thinking: well, from which planet did HE arrive? :D If it was not for him, I would have probably dropped my music countless times in moments of crisis, doubt and fear, but he was there, present and upholding the fact that I shall continue simply because it is good! He is an amazing musician whose depth is so true and without question. If you have ever heard his sounds and unique melodies you will always recognize and be touched and swept away into a calm, spacious and truthful magical world! This is the gift that he shares and with which he really shapes our sound. Not up-front obvious, but without him, we'd be somewhat more sober and small. I love this guy deeper than I admit and am infinitely grateful for his countless hours of support, patience and unembellished giving nature! - Yours, Tabea
09.12.16, 16:52 Tabea Mangelsdorf
We have reached 2110, almost 9.000 still to go in less than 3 weeks! If you have friends that would like it, share with them! Now, how to present this beautiful and extraordinary bass player Claas-Henning Dörries of East Frisian temperament ;)?! Let me tell you, I am soo lucky to have a bass player that is incredibly talented in musicallity, arrangement, technicality, groove and sound, but also plays double bass and e bass and on top of that so amazing, funny and makes a handsome background in my band. ;) I love him and cannot even imagine getting tired of him EVER, even when he teases me so much that I jump up and down SCREAMING!!!! I am so grateful! Meet Claas here! :)
04.12.16, 21:45 Tabea Mangelsdorf
Despite all horrible things happening in the world, sometimes I need to sit with gratitute for people in my life! I would like to pay my homage to our incredible magic hands pianist/keyboarder David K. Ehlers This is him speaking about the band and our album. David always pulls faces, sings, smiles, looks and most of all, sounds beautiful while he plays!:) As with drummer Simon, he is incredably skillful and has a very unique sound that is irreplaceble for our band. I love his superhuman sensitivity and love for people, his generousity and honesty, humor and so much more. In short, I am so grateful to him for all he gives and truly love him deeply!
01.12.16, 16:17 Tabea Mangelsdorf
If you would like to make one of our "thank yous" a christmas gift for someone, we got Vouchers (Gutscheine) in english and german. I will design them and would send them to you via email. You will only need to let me know before December 15th via :))
30.11.16, 23:40 Tabea Mangelsdorf
The people behind music is always intriguing to me. How do they think about the music, how do they write songs and who are they? Here is Simon speaking about himself in the band. He is a fantastic, bad ass, very musically sensitive drummer that really shapes the sound of this band!
12.10.16, 21:52 Tabea Mangelsdorf
Hey people, it turns out that it is easier to pay with credit card if you are not from Germany. So, just a heads up on trying that. thank you yours tabea

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