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Tamullu is a free online gamified platform that allows users to take treasure hunt-like walks around different cities, get rewards for completing these walks and share achievements.
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Research proposal

Ekaterina Chikhun
Ekaterina Chikhun3 min Lesezeit

We recognise that travelling can be uncomfortable - everybody speaks a different language, food looks weird and nobody has cancelled cultural differences. But exactly the same things make travel so exciting.

In order to help you travel in a more independent, cherishing and connected way we decided to develop the Tamullu app. It will act as a friend showing you his beloved home - leading you to the side-streets and drawing your attention to the amazing details of ordinary life. Yet to make it suitable for a mindful traveler and guarantee that local communities benefit from Tamullu app our team has to apply a well-grounded and mindful approach.

Thanks to our academic background we are have all qualifications neccessary to conduct proper study of the problem and come up with solutions that are helpful both for the mindful travelers and the local communities.

Tamullu hypothesis
Nobody enjoys being scared or feeling inappropriate whilst travelling. Therefore people buy travel products (not always sustainable...) - we, travelers, need help!

Tamullu approach
Using qualitative research methods (interviews, case study) we will identify the main problems and fears of travelers on city trips, such as:

  • Fear of getting lost
  • Lack of time for trip preparation
  • Cross-cultural differences (e.g. different concepts of personal space, appropriate level of loudness or clothing norms)

But not only we'll develop solutions - we’ll go to the field to test them in practice and then build the Tamullu app around them.

1st Tamullu Research Expedition:

10 days = 10 challenges
Tamullu team will have 10 days to test solutions we will embed into the app, so one day - one challenge.

Did not prepare for the trip? - Challenge 1. Planning the route on the first morning of the trip. No or minimal prior research.
Feeling lost? - Challenge 2. Getting around without a map or a smartphone.
You get the idea :)

2 Research Teams - 2 Tamullians each
We will separate in the morning and meet in the evening to exchange insights and analyse them.

70 € per person per day (incl. transportation and accomodation).
We will be travelling quite on budget.

Research timeline
1st full-scale report once the analysis of your travel stories is completed - 10.09.2018
During the expedition we will provide you with daily updates on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
2nd full-scale report once the analysis of the expedition results is completed - 31.10.2018

In order to ensure transparency of our research and mitigate biases brought in by researchers we are kindly asking you to vote on all the important matters - where we go, what exactly we do and how the research teams are formed. Follow us on social media to take part in the research design process!

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Ullu and the First Tamullians