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The Happy Rhino Vegan Foodtruck!
The Happy Rhino will launch its five-week Crowdfunding Campaign on October 3 to raise 30,000 euros to be able to buy a truck, pay for tax, insurance, building a kitchen, business license and all the other boring stuff that comes along with starting a business! The Happy Rhino is based on three principles - FOOD, ETHICS AND PUNK ROCK!
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30.000 € 2. Fundingziel
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10.01.17, 14:05 Demian Hobby
Alright Geezers! 2017 has started off looking peachy... Got this van currently getting fixed by Auto Paul in the Northern suburbs of Berlin. Just needs a new battery and a ventilator, but is already roadworthy, has half a kitchen in the back and it was cheeeeeeep! RESULT!! So this is the last time I'm going to Spam y'all via email blog updates - cause I can imagine that will get annoying! I will be updating the website with progress on the truck at and the Facebook page so check em out to see how we're doin'! In other news.. Gonna be measuring the dimensions this week to give to Joseph Nowak (the legend who did the logo) and he'll be on the case to design an EPIC rhino paintjob! Including a sweet as Oi Polloi mural for the wall of fame on it's backside! I sent out the rest of the packages on Dec 23, so apart from a couple of peeps Ive emailed to meet up, and two beers that I need to deliver - everyone should have their rewards! If you dont - get in touch! Happy New Years and all that! Damo
14.12.16, 15:28 Demian Hobby
Yo dudes! The silk screening factory has been in full swing this week with the bulk of rewards going out today, so you should be getting them by next week at the latest... As per my last email, my bureacratic paperwork nightmare got sorted and the project has now been officially approved! Which means the money should come through at some point this week! Ill be sending updates at least monthly once the real work begins :) If anyone doesnt receive their rewards in the next two weeks give me a shout! Cheers! Demian
29.11.16, 10:48 Demian Hobby
Hey Everybody! Just wanted to let everyone know how the project is going... I"ve had a bit of a delay actually getting the actual funding so far because there was a mistake on my Bank Identification paper which I corrected by hand - which is a big No-No apparantly! So I need to resubmit the forms today which I"m sorry to say will delay the rewards a bit. I am still aiming to get the bulk of them out before Christmas though. Despite this wee hiccup I"ve been on the hunt for food trucks! I know exactly what I"m after, which is good, but I just need to have patience to wait for one to come up. But basically It"s something like this pictured in the link below... So if anyone sees any for sale hit me up! In other news, I now have my Transient Merchant License (Which was surprinsingly easy conisdering the hell that is German Bureaucracy!). AND The Happy Rhino will be doing a pop up kitchen at the Crazy Bastard Kitchen in Neukolln in Feburary. If you haven"t heard of Crazy Bastard - They make awesome hot sauce and run a shop/ kitchen showcasing monthly changing themed food! Check em out Obviously everyone who got the "Food for Life" reward are invited to eat for free! Thanks again everyone for your support! Demian
08.11.16, 14:29 Demian Hobby
Hey Everyone! The crowdfunding campaign came to its conclusion last night so I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! The next steps are that the money payments all need to be reviewed and the final amount confirmed (there were some issues with peoples donations bouncing and needing to be pledged twice which means the figure is slightly higher now than it should be). The final money will be paid out to me after 14 days, a long with the rewards list. So you can expect your rewards in the first half of December! As for the truck I will be posting updates on the progress on here. From now I am officially on the hunt to find a cheap truck and then will build a kitchen in the back. I have made a deadline though - Ill be at Kill Your Idols festival in Berlin on March 17 selling food! Thanks again everyone! Your all legends! Demian
01.11.16, 14:07 Demian Hobby
Yo everyone! Just wanna say a massive THANKS to y'all! We smashed the 10k threshold last night, thanks to some your donations! This means three things.... 1. The food truck mission is 100% a reality and going to happen no matter what!! Woohoo! 2. You guys get all your rewards! 3. You dudes are total legends! Still got six days so any extra will be sweet too, but ill try not to spam yous all again till the end! Cheers! Damo
30.10.16, 19:43 Demian Hobby
Yo dudes, It's almost over folks! 1 WEEK TO GO! From today there are three new rewards available - Four copies of upcoming Oi Polloi new LP "Saorsa"... Limited edition on yellow vinyl, with a patch, badge and a keyring!!! A full colour cartoon collection by Joseph Nowak. A perfect Christmas gift! Here is a brief bio: Joseph nowak has been maintaining a single-panel webcomic for the better part of three years dealing with the absurdities of modern life, the secret shenanigans of the animal kingdom, and above all - death. He plans to finish another book in his lifetime and is contemplating that very thought as his sits in his empty Berlin apartment; where he currently resides. Aaaaaand.... Antibastard Fair trade t shirts! Two colour screen print on black 100% cotton of Berlin's own HC- Punk band Antibastard! We're currently at 78% of the target - so it's all still possible! Thanks for your support! Damo
29.10.16, 12:14 Demian Hobby
Hey Everyone! The tasting on Wednesday was a massive success - thanks everyone for coming! We made a total of 820€ from over 60 donations, not to mention some awesome feedback about the food! Next Monday I'll be putting up some new rewards and the final week countdown begins! Thanks everyone for your support!
21.10.16, 16:42 Demian Hobby
Yo dudes! Been lots of donations lately! Thanks for the support! We are at 6,507 euros which is in a word MASSIVE! Check out the menu below for the Tasting Night at Cabslam next Wednesday! As it says on the tin - Its Pay-what-you-want with all proceeds being tipped into this page... Hope to see you there! The Happy Rhino Vegan Food Tasting Menu BBQ marinated pulled seitan on a sesame bun, avacado mayo, rainbow slaw and salad or Peshwari coconut flatbread filled with steamed greens, Bombay potato hash, black lentil puree, tomatoes, onions and your choice of - Tandoori marinated seitan or Tofu Tikka Masala Cajun spiced sweet potato fries Served with Homemade minted avacado sauce Crazy Bastard Scotch Bonnet and Carribean spiced hot sauce
14.10.16, 16:46 Demian Hobby
Hey everyone! Some awesome news... Ca.B.Slam (The Californian Breakfast Slam) will be hosting a Happy Rhino Food Tasting on Wed 26 of October!! I'll be doing a selection of awesome vegan streetfood meals (menu will be up next week!) on a pay-as-you-want basis - but for all you cool cats who have already donated, you are welcome to eat free! Time: 6.30 - 9.00pm Location: Cabslam, Innstraße 47, Kreuzkölln Berlin Bookings: (030) 6869624 More deets to follow!
12.10.16, 10:18 Demian Hobby
Hey everyone! Just want to say a special thanks to Kyle, Monique, Christine, Chris and Eve, Kathleen and David for the donations over the last two days! The project is now just over 50% funded which is in a word - freakin' awesome! New reward up for the Edinburgh folk courtesy of JGG Productions! Tickets to Punk for Pam 2017 March 25 Edinburgh, Studio 24 Donate to two causes at once! Punk for Pam is an annual charity concert in aid of Waverly Care in Scotland. It's also the biggest punk event of the year and next year looks like the best lineup so far! Featuring: The Exploited, GBH, Paranoid Visions, Varukers, The Fiend and loads more! Plus ticket gets you into the afterparty feat. Sick on the Bus! Over and out! Damo
05.10.16, 10:19 Demian Hobby
New awesome reward up - Thanks to Kill Your Idols Festival 2017 we're offering a weekend ticket, free food and a couple of beers for 30 euros! Only 5 tickets available so get in quick! Bands confirmed so far - The Restarts Blatoidea Sniffing Glue JustWar.official NoWhiteRag + More TBC! Donate here

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