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Universe of Gods
The series „Universe of Gods“ is based on the German scifi/fantasy novel “Kernstaub”, written by Marie Grasshoff. The story encompasses multiple eras and realities and combines action and post-apocalyptic elements with philosophical questions ranging from our very existence to eternal life. In order to successfully pitch this series to TV stations and streaming services, we want to shoot a trailer that embodies its atmosphere and visual approach.
24,221 €
45,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Universe of Gods


Funding period 13/05/2016 23:18 o'clock - 11/08/2016 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period October - December 2016
Funding threshold 20,000 €
Funding goal 45,000 €
City MĂĽnchen
Category Movie / Video

What is this project all about?

The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to secure the finances necessary to shoot a 2-minute trailer for “Universe of Gods”. An experienced crew will carry out the shoot and the finished trailer will contain high quality CGI. The cast will be British, to ensure maximum international scope. The trailer itself will be comprised of some of the most powerful and emotional scenes from the book and will therefore also be of great interest to the fans of the novel. Additionally the trailer will serve as a mood-video when the team pitches the concept for the series to selected streaming services in 2017. Shooting will begin in October in order to guarantee a Christmas release.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The project goal is the successful funding of a professionally produced Trailer featuring a stellar cast and unforgettable locations. In order to achieve close congruity to the novel, the input of the author is paramount as the satisfaction of the existing fans is of upmost importance. Our long-term goal is to bring enough attention to “Universe of Gods” that we can realise the entire series, without having to sell the rights to the story or having to make major changes to the plot. This project is of great interest to existing fans of the novel as well as any fan of the post apocalyptic genre and TV series with a complex plot. If you’ve always wanted to see a mixture of Matrix and Interstellar on TV, then this is the project for you.

Why would you support this project?

“Universe of Gods” is a revolutionary series that breaks with many traditions of the TV world. We believe that audiences are ready for such a groundbreaking story and that society could use the philosophic aspects “Universe of Gods” would provide. The team behind this project is a group of young writers and filmmakers that are eager to ruffle the feathers of mainstream TV. If you like complex stories with unique characters that play out over different realities, spanning millennia, then “Universe of Gods” is worthy of your support. The perks for our supporters aren’t bad either :)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If we reach the funding threshold of 20,000€ we will already be able to shoot a trailer for “Universe of Gods”, although we would not be able to shoot all of the scenes we planned. This is something we could only do if we reach 40,000€. If we attain more than 40,000€ we would be able to shoot a few extra scenes as well as invest in our cast, crew, CGI and post-production, further improving the quality and scope of the finished product. Even at this stage Marie, Claudia and Paul would not make any money with the trailer but their chances for a successful pitch would greatly improve.

Who are the people behind the project?

Marie Grasshoff, the successful author of the “Kernstaub” series, managed to self-publish the first book of her six part trilogy and gather a large and dedicated fan base even before the series was taken up by a successful publisher. The remaining five books will be published over the coming years. Claudia Seibl (Annie OK) and Paul Thiem are responsible for the film adaptation. Paul and Annie are young filmmakers whose graduation film “Lost and Found” was co-produced by a German TV station and has since gone on to win multiple prizes at international festivals. Both of them have a lot of experience shooting both English and abroad, and they have already gathered a highly motivated crew, which you will meet during the course of the campaign.

Legal notice
Marie GraĂźhoff
Neustadt, 11
38838 Eilenstedt Deutschland


"The Juicebox" ist ein Zusammenschluss aus preisgekrönten, jungen Filmemachern aus München. Sie sind die Ideengeber und die treibende Kraft hinter dem "Universe of Gods"-Projekt.

An kaum einem Ort wird der Grundsatz "BĂĽcher mit Herzblut!" leidenschaftlicher verfolgt als beim Drachenmond Verlag. Detailverliebtheit und individuelle Gestaltung sind ein Muss in dem Verlag, in dem auch "Kernstaub" erschienen ist.

Mit gerade mal 20 Jahren ist der talentierte Alexander Kopainski bereits einer der aktuell angesagtesten Buchcoverdesigner. Er ist zuständig für die Grafiken der "Universe of Gods"-Kampagne, der Dankeschöns und für vieles darüber hinaus.

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