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We all know & care about the harm done to animals when it comes to eating them. But think about it: animals are treated just as bad when it comes to exploiting them for raw materials like wool or leather. While there is already a choice of vegan brands & shops for adults, there is no shop which lets you buy kids clothing without harming animals. VEGAN CHILD is pushing for a new ethical standard: sustainable, fair & cruelty-free. We are all in this world together - let's make it beautiful!
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25.08.18, 01:16 Nannette Swed
Liebe Unterstützer, 1 Jahr ist es nun her, dass Ihr uns bei unserer Crowdfunding-Kampagne unterstützt habt. Seitdem ist viel passiert. Rebranding, Sortiments-Erweiterungen, Weiterentwicklung des Geschäftsmodells. Im Kleinen haben wir den proof of concept geschafft und haben nun viele Ideen für die Zukunft. Dieses Wochenende feiern wir den Einzug von veganen Erwachsenen-Schuhen in den Shop. Wir haben natürlich auch die Kleinen nicht vergessen. Wir machen Eltern und Kinder bereit für den Herbst mit der brandneuen Barfuß-Schuh-Kollektion von Filii. Mit dem Code "Barfuss-Herbst" bekommt Ihr 10% Rabatt. Die Aktion läuft bis Sonntag, 26. August 2018, 23:59 Uhr. Wir danken Euch für Eure Unterstützung bis hierhin und hoffen, dass Ihr unseren Weg weiterhin begleitet. Schaut doch mal wieder vorbei: Alles Liebe, Nannette
18.12.17, 09:24 Nannette Swed
Dear All, in case you have missed our rebranding: vegan child is now kippie berlin . New name, same ethics. Read here on why we rename the shop. See you on kippie berlin, Nannette
19.10.17, 11:10 Nannette Swed
It has been a while since we last posted here and much has been done behind the scenes since then. We now proudly present the first one-stop cruelty-free kids fashion shop: If you have supported our campaign and did not receive a voucher yet, please write to [email protected] See you in our store. Love and peace, Nannette
16.08.17, 08:29 Nannette Swed
Dear supporters & fans, We lost the campaign but we won you. We got a lot of positive feedback on our initiative. The vision of vegan child thus grew even stronger over the course of the campaign. We loved the communication with you. You gave us many good ideas about vegan products to be developed. Some of them we already passed on to our producers. Our community is just starting to be creative. We believe more than ever that vegan child needs to happen. So we will make it happen! We will open the shop in October 2017 - but in a smaller version that originally planned. We warmly thank our supporters for their trust and for their financial support . Startnext is an “all or nothing” platform. This means that we will neither receive the money we raised nor your contact details to process your orders. Please help us to get in touch with you by sending an email with the subject line “I still support vegan child” to [email protected] We are looking forward to hearing from you again. Yours, Nannette
13.08.17, 06:28 Nannette Swed
+++ ENGLISH VERSION BELOW +++ Liebe Unterstützer, vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung. 2 Tage vor Kampagnenende sieht es leider so aus, als könnten wir die Kampagne nicht mehr gewinnen. Wir haben uns dazu entschlossen, vegan child trotzdem zu eröffnen - in sehr kleiner Version am Anfang. Deswegen freuen wir uns, wenn Du Deine Bestellung/ Unterstützung aufrecht erhältst. Startnext ist eine "Alles oder nichts"-Plattform. Das heißt alle Beiträge werden unseren Unterstützern zurückgezahlt. Wenn Du uns weiterhin unterstützen möchtest, brauchst Du an dieser Stelle nur eine E-Mail an [email protected] schreiben mit dem Betreff: "Ich unterstütze vegan child" und wir werden uns mit Dir vor der Auslieferung im September in Verbindung setzen. Du kannst die Gelegenheit gerne auch nutzen, uns Dein Feedback zu vegan child und den Produkten zu geben, oder uns wissen zu lassen, was Du Dir von dem Shop wünscht. Wir starten mit einem kleinen Budget und sind deswegen dankbar, wenn Ihr Eure Wünsche jetzt schon mit uns teilt. Wir reagieren schnell auf Eure Ideen. Deswegen lassen wir jetzt 1. den Bronto-Schuh auch für Erwachsene produzieren und haben 2. gerade einen Baby-Winterstiefel im Forest Tales-Design in Auftrag gegeben, welcher auch größeren Babys passen wird, etwas mitwächst und auch schön wärm hält. Auf halten wir Dich auf dem Laufenden. Viele liebe Grüße, Nannette Dear Supporter, many thanks for your support. 2 days before the end of the campaign it looks like we are not going to win this this one. We still decided to start vegan child - in a smaller version than originally planned. We would be thrilled if you would still support us. Startnext is a “all or nothing” platform. That means that all contributions are going back to our supporters after the campaign will end. If you still want to support vegan child all you need to do is to send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject “I still support vegan child” . We will get in touch with you before we start shipping to our supporters in September to process your order. While writing us seize the opportunity to give us your opinion on vegan child , our products or let us know what you would like to see in the shop. We will start with a small budget and appreciate if you share your wishes with us already in this stage. Your opinion matters to us. We heard that you would like some Brontos to yourself – so we will add a Big Foot Edition of the Brontosaur shoes to our shop. We also got some feedback on the limited sizes of the newborn shoes and how nice it would be to have a warm baby boots - here is what we came up with: a winter booties in our “Forest Tales”-Design for babies in 5 sizes. This will fit babies till the age of 18 months and it flexible enough to grow with your baby’s feet till winter is over. We are keeping you up to date on our facebook page . All the best wishes, Nannette
05.08.17, 08:36 Nannette Swed
Only 10 days left! Here is another peek behind the scenes. Meet Susanne, who developed the best fitting and cute looking vegan winter hats because any other hat failed the job. Susanne discovered her passion for sewing when she was 11. Today she is the owner of a small kids’ fashion label and has two employees. She lives and works in Rostock, a German city close to the Baltic Sea where winds are rough and winters are cold. She developed this new design of winter hats out of an urgent need to protect her children from the tough weather. I was not happy with the hats I saw on so many kids’ heads. They either just did not stay in place or did not look nice or both. I wanted a model that would have the perfect fit and a cute look. This is why she developed the model you can find in this campaign. We are happy to have Susanne’s hats exclusively in our shop. And yes, they are so much better than wool hats because they don’t itch and don’t irritate sensitive skins which are already stressed out by the cold weather. Just as warm as wool but so much softer. This is what we were looking for. Susanne works with certified organic fabrics only because she wants to produce non-toxic, sustainable kids ‘clothing.
29.07.17, 09:33 Nannette Swed
17 days to go. It's time to show you who is working behind the scenes. Meet Karolina, who produces the sweetest newborn shoes in the world. Karolina lives and works in a small city close to Cologne, Germany. She creates her newborn shoes to celebrate new life. I am happy when women are writing me that they used my shoes to tell their husbands that they were having a baby. My shoes are not just shoes. They get a meaning once you put them on your babies feet: the first shoe to enter this world, a physical memory of this special time. Many memories of the magical moments that we have with our newborns fade. Holding these little sweet shoes in our hands will revive some of them. This is what gives meaning to what I do and this is what I enjoy. Karolina uses certified organic cotton fabrics that she chooses with great care, taking hours to drown herself in fabric shops untill she finds the perfect material. When she started her design studies she could not sew and had to hard work on this skill. Her weakness has turned into her strength since then. She is a perfectionist: you won’t find finer and softer seams in a baby shoe, greater color compositions and a more gentle touch on your baby’s foot than with her shoes.
15.07.17, 11:27 Nannette Swed
Dear crowd, we proudly present: the first waterproof, breathing, warm kids shoes that uses natural organic fibres! I was thinking that finding vegan winter shoes which are made from natural materials would be impossible. So far we had the choice between vegan & plastic or leather shoes when looking for functional autumn/ winter shoes. NO LONGER! This is the 1st generation vegan innovation by SORBAS shoes - a young, innovative shoe label made in Berlin. They produce with a Serbian family business with a strong emphasis on organic materials and fair labor conditions. Technology meets nature: innovative spinning technology uses rare long staple fibers for best eco-friendly functionality. + Waterproof, breathing, warm using natural organic fibres! + Outside: waterproof organic cotton + Inside: warm organic cotton fleece + Super flexible & no-slip grip rubber sole + Available in sizes: 24-30 + All materials made in Europe + Made by Serbian family business + 1st generation vegan innovation for kids by SORBAS shoes Berlin + This shoe is not available anywhere else yet. + More pics: We have some Early Bird deals for you. Don't snooze! Have a lovely weekend, Nannette
01.07.17, 13:50 Nannette Swed
Dear friend, our first steps are taken. Our campaign is running for 10 days now in which we were able to collect more than 3000€ already. To those of you who have already supported us: THANK YOU for being with us from the very beginning. To those of you hesitating: join the supporters and help to build up our community . Remember: VEGAN CHILD wants to be more than a shop. So let us know what you think of the project, what you are missing in the market and what we can do better. Hope to hear from you <3 Yours, Nannette
28.06.17, 15:35 Nannette Swed
Dear Friends, thank you for your support so far. We have almost reached 10% of our funding threshold. Only 303€ missing. Can you help out? If you have doubts or questions, you can always write me here or on the project wall. Three things to clarify: + the vouchers will be valid for 1 year (starting from October) + shipping is for free within Germany + if we don't win this project, your payment/ contribution to this project will not be proceeded. Your money stays with you. Best whishes, Nannette
25.06.17, 21:17 Nannette Swed
that our cute winter hats are handmade in Rostock , Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. Its creator has tried many versions of cuts till she developed this one: embracing the child's head with its soft organic cotton fleece to protect it from the rough winds coming from the sea, it fits like no other hat. Unlike many other hats that we saw, this one won't slide to the sides or into the face. +++ Order yours now! +++ (You don't need to predict your child's head circumference in October. We will get back to you before delivery in September.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet the designer here very soon. So stay tuned.
21.06.17, 22:40 Nannette Swed
Do you remember the old days back in school when your teacher asked you this very famous question: "Who wants to be first?" All eyes to the floor. We feel safe doing things after having seen others doing them. But what do do we risk if we try first? Here is what a famous German actor, Hannes Jänicke, would say: The ones that follow will only see asses. We need you to be our heroes. Go and break the ice for us! Created by Nikitabuida -

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