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Good vibes kids fashion: sustainable, fair and vegan.

We all know & care about the harm done to animals when it comes to eating them. But think about it: animals are treated just as bad when it comes to exploiting them for raw materials like wool or leather. While there is already a choice of vegan brands & shops for adults, there is no shop which lets you buy kids clothing without harming animals. VEGAN CHILD is pushing for a new ethical standard: sustainable, fair & cruelty-free. We are all in this world together - let's make it beautiful!
21.06.17 - 15.08.17
October 2017
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Nannette Swed
Nannette Swed1 min Lesezeit

that our cute winter hats are handmade in Rostock, Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. Its creator has tried many versions of cuts till she developed this one: embracing the child's head with its soft organic cotton fleece to protect it from the rough winds coming from the sea, it fits like no other hat. Unlike many other hats that we saw, this one won't slide to the sides or into the face.

+++ Order yours now! +++

(You don't need to predict your child's head circumference in October. We will get back to you before delivery in September.)
Meet the designer here very soon. So stay tuned.


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