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We all know & care about the harm done to animals when it comes to eating them. But think about it: animals are treated just as bad when it comes to exploiting them for raw materials like wool or leather. While there is already a choice of vegan brands & shops for adults, there is no shop which lets you buy kids clothing without harming animals. VEGAN CHILD is pushing for a new ethical standard: sustainable, fair & cruelty-free. We are all in this world together - let's make it beautiful!
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01.07.17, 13:50 Nannette Swed

Dear friend,

our first steps are taken. Our campaign is running for 10 days now in which we were able to collect more than 3000€ already. To those of you who have already supported us: THANK YOU for being with us from the very beginning. To those of you hesitating: join the supporters and help to build up our community.

Remember: VEGAN CHILD wants to be more than a shop. So let us know what you think of the project, what you are missing in the market and what we can do better.

Hope to hear from you <3


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