Voices of Transition
"Voices of Transition" ist ein außergewöhnliches Filmprojekt über innovative Wege aus der sich heute zuspitzenden Ernährungskrise. Er soll der weltweiten Energiewende-Bewegung als Inspirationsquelle dienen und möglichst viele Menschen zum Handeln animieren... hier und jetzt!
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 Voices of Transition
 Voices of Transition
 Voices of Transition
 Voices of Transition
 Voices of Transition

Über das Projekt

Finanzierungszeitraum 09.08.12 11:26 Uhr - 30.11.12 23:59 Uhr
Fundingziel 8.500 €
Kategorie Film / Video
Stadt Berlin



Dear fans of the project 'Voices of Transition', We would like to convey our heart-felt THANKS for your support, which brings us a step closer to reaching our goal... Our November 30th deadline for crowdfunding is fast approaching! We therefore would like to ask you to tell your friends, acquaintances, initiatives and associations about this crowdfunding project and ask them for any contributions they can make! Here is – once again – what your support will be used for: We need to cover important post-production costs . Those costs include the use of a sound studio, the involvement of professional voiceover speakers, subtitling for the film, motion design, web design, printing costs, graphic design, office costs, communication costs, etc. Secondly, we would like to create a DVD edition that includes interviews with Rob Hopkins and subtitles in multiple languages (Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Basque, Greek) In addition, a goal for the DVD production is to create an educational project , which uses the film to inform students of the current global food security situation. But, we would like this project to be more than just a theoretical introduction. For example, the youth will participate in our fruit tree planting workshops! This way we hope to inspire them to become active members of their local Transition initiatives! We look forward to your support and hope that together we can accomplish this project! Greetings from Nils Aguilar and Lotte Heerschop from the Milpafilms Team!

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Nils Aguilar
Wildenbruchplatz 7
12045 Berlin Deutschland

Steuernummer: 16/202/00918


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Advisory Board Selection

Nominiert für die Advisory Board Selection #4 von Dirk Schütz, Gründer von Kulturmanagement Network.

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