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Voices of Transition

Voices of Transition

“Voices of Transition” is an extraordinary film project about the innovative ways that people are dealing with the escalating global food crisis. It should serve as a source of...

Berlin Movie / Video
Nils Aguilar
Nils Aguilar
9,295 €
8,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 Voices of Transition


Funding period 09.08.2012 11:26 Uhr - 30.11.2012 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 8,500 €
City Berlin
Category Movie / Video
“Voices of Transition” is an extraordinary film project about the innovative ways that people are dealing with the escalating global food crisis. It should serve as a source of inspiration for the global energy transition movement and encourage people to take action… here and now!

What is this project all about?

The inspirational, encouraging documentary Voices of Transition is a patchwork assembly that gives a voice to the main protagonists behind the agro-ecological transition. In France, the UK and Cuba, farmers and scientists, permaculture designers and Transition Town pioneers show us how to deal with the challenges posed by climate change, resource scarcity and impending famine by using radical new ways  and in such a manner that unforeseen possibilities arise. Solutions such as the integration of trees alongside crops or urban agriculture show that necessity is the mother of invention, but also that sustainability can be fun!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The Film should encourage people to think!
How are we going to increase food production to meet the requirement of the growing world population, in spite of the increased number of droughts and the extreme oil dependency of our agricultural model? Will we use nature as the source of inspiration to create efficient, humane and local systems?
Voices of Transition is also an action movie. Namely one which inspires action!
The length of the movie  65 minutes  should be long enough to fill the hall, and short enough to offer the audience time for constructive debate after the film: that way we want transition initiatives to be created when people are still sitting in the cinema!

Just in time for the cinema release on the 16th October, World Food Day, we are bringing the film to German theatres and also call for many local groups to promote the film and its goals.
In a second step we want to initiate an educational school/university project, using a kit (film, lecture and planting project) to inform young people about the problems shown in the film and to inspire them about the alternatives.
Our target group is people who have already developed an awareness of the urgency of the mentioned issues and now want to take action. The film has been designed to offer some of the missing puzzle pieces, to demonstrate innovative ways and lastly, to inspire to take action and eventually to found a Transition Town initiative in ones own local community.

Why would you support this project?

The film project, Voices of Transition, was created entirely independently from television and institutions and has so far managed with very little means of production. It was therefore dependent on the participation of volunteers from many countries around the world and the countless volunteer hours invested. Now, after more than 5 years of intensive work, the project must be reinforced so that the film can be professionally marketed and the world can find out about the project. We want to ensure in particular that the film will also be shown in countries where the transition ideas are not very well known. For that we need money!
Also, 10% of the net revenues from the DVD sales (via the website www.voicesoftransition.org) will go to future transition initiatives in the Southern hemisphere!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Should the funding be successful, we want to do the following:
- Finance subtitles in various different languages (partly subsequently)
- Pay outstanding bills for the sound mix created in the recording studio
- Compensate volunteers, plus settle outstanding payments for copyrighted archive material
- Pay the Sinnwerkstatt for their great work on the website
- Edit a DVD in various languages
- Finance the making of posters and postcards
- Produce a so-called DCP to allow the film to be broadcasted in all cinemas in high quality!

Who are the people behind the project?

The film was conceived, produced and directed by Nils Aguilar: He is a French-German sociologist, who grew up in Germany and studied in Paris. He is a self-taught film maker who is enthusiastic about issues of food sovereignty, urban agriculture and the transition movement&
...and countless others, who have participated in different tasks in the course of the project: camera (J. Polidor), cut (Nicolas Servide), original soundtrack (Elischa Kaminer), colour matching (Nicolas Contant), soundmix (Nicolas Teichner), sound editing (Julie Roué), illustration (Bérengère Staron), donation of images of agroforestry (Nicolas Girardin), sub-titles (Marie-Noëlle Vallet, Emilio Luque, Miguel Leal, Mariana Esteves, Silvia Ianetti), distribution help (Emmanuel Papin , Lotte Heerschop) and many more...

Project updates


Dear fans of the project 'Voices of Transition', We would like to convey our heart-felt THANKS for your support, which brings us a step closer to reaching our goal... Our November 30th deadline for crowdfunding is fast approaching! We therefore would like to ask you to tell your friends, acquaintances, initiatives and associations about this crowdfunding project and ask them for any contributions they can make! Here is – once again – what your support will be used for: We need to cover important post-production costs . Those costs include the use of a sound studio, the involvement of professional voiceover speakers, subtitling for the film, motion design, web design, printing costs, graphic design, office costs, communication costs, etc. Secondly, we would like to create a DVD edition that includes interviews with Rob Hopkins and subtitles in multiple languages (Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Basque, Greek) In addition, a goal for the DVD production is to create an educational project , which uses the film to inform students of the current global food security situation. But, we would like this project to be more than just a theoretical introduction. For example, the youth will participate in our fruit tree planting workshops! This way we hope to inspire them to become active members of their local Transition initiatives! We look forward to your support and hope that together we can accomplish this project! Greetings from Nils Aguilar and Lotte Heerschop from the Milpafilms Team!

Legal notice
Nils Aguilar
Wildenbruchplatz 7
12045 Berlin Deutschland

Steuernummer: 16/202/00918


Nominiert für die Advisory Board Selection #4 von Dirk Schütz, Gründer von Kulturmanagement Network.

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