Crowdfunding beendet
Wie großartig wäre es, wenn wir die Ozeane mit richtig gesunden Tampons retten könnten? Gemeinsam mit Dir wollen wir diese Vision Wirklichkeit werden lassen: Wir entwickeln den weltweit ersten Tampon aus Meeresalgen - radikal nachhaltig, ozean-freundlich und gesund. Sichere Dir jetzt dein persönliches Testpaket!! #seaweedrevolution #tangpon
82.401 €

Beta Phase - here we come!

Ines Schiller
Ines Schiller2 min Lesezeit

After weeks of absolute state of emergency at Vyld, we are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our crowdfunding with your great support. 329 people have supported us with a total of €82,556 here on our journey to develop the world's first tampon made from seaweed. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We promised you tampons to test if we reached 100,000€ and you are probably wondering what will happen to it now that we just missed that goal?! And we have some pretty amazing news - encouraged by the incredible support we have received, we have found a way to still make Kelpon test packages possible! How?

By mixing our algae fibers! 50% algae - 50% cotton. 0% plastic. While not (yet) 100% seaweed, it's a big step in the vyld direction of being able to offer a healthy, radically sustainable and ocean-friendly period product. In fact, we've already got our fiber to the point where it's great to use in tampons, but to be used all on its own, it just needs further development, which we'll be funding next year.

Since our R&D team still has to work out the new plan, we will probably be able to produce the test tampons early next year.

Stay tuned!

Vyld - Nachhaltige Produkte aus Meeresalgen