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In der pulsierenden aber rauhen Metropole Nairobi haben wir ein Magazin gegründet: ZOOM MAGAZINE. ZOOM MAGAZINE füllt eine Lücke in der Medienlandschaft Kenias, unser Magazin ist von jungen Leuten für junge Leute. Es bietet eine Plattform für neue Talente und spricht mit frischer, frecher Zunge soziale Themen junger Erwachsener an. Herausgeber, Autoren und Gestalter sind wir: USANII LAB, eine Horde junger Kreativer aus den Eastlands von Nairobi.
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07.02.14, 16:09 Usanii Lab
We have great news: while the USANII LAB crew is still busy with the second issue of ZOOM MAGAZINE, a short trailer went online on the arte-website (German/French TV channel). Follow the link, support us and VOTE for USANII LAB!
27.08.13, 16:48 Usanii Lab
Finally some update about ZOOM MAGAZINE, which is available now! Just 2 hours before the launch started the magazines were delivered and we held the printed copies in our hands. Such a great feeling, the whole USANII crew was and is proud of the result! Thanks again for your support and believing in us. With the extra money we could organize a great launch at the Goethe institute Nairobi. We could pay the musicians and print out posters and photographs for a mini exhibition. Unfortunately most of you couldn't join the great event, but we hope you enjoy the pictures on our website: We are all very motivated and the USANII crew is already working on the next issue. For those of you speaking German there is also a nice radio broadcast from deutschlandradio about ZOOM: Asante sana (thanks a lot) to all of you who supported us! We hope all thank yous were delivered to you. Please contact us if something didn't arrive, yet. And for everyone who wants a copy of ZOOM feel free to contact us as well!
24.05.13, 16:05 Usanii Lab
Thanks a lot to all our supporters! We were videotaping a thank you video and when it was uploaded we couldn't believe that we had already reached 1600 Euro! Tunawapa pongezi kwa usaidizi wenu, tunaamini pesa mlizotupa zitatumika kwa njia inayofaa, asanteni sana. We can use all your support for the ZOOM MAGAZINE launch at Goethe Institute, to pay the performing artists, exhibition materials, printing posters and flyers.
18.05.13, 18:59 Usanii Lab
We are happy to announce that MASHID DANCE CREW who are featured in ZOOM MAGAZINE, will perform at our launch at Goethe Institute. MASHID DANCE CREW are coming from Mlango Kubwa (Nairobi), they have danced together since 2008 and will make sure that no one will stay seated! Wasee watoklezee wote wote! Ayeiya! (Everybody should come!)
17.05.13, 19:54 Usanii Lab
Printing comes closer! Thanks to all our supporters, we are very exited: we have already reached 70%! Asante sana to all of you, you really made our day! So we could walk with big smiles to the printshop today which will print our magazine. For some of us it was the first time to see offset printing machines. We got a great introduction to their printing process and can't wait to see ZOOM MAGAZINE getting printed here.
15.05.13, 13:49 Usanii Lab
We finally have a place for our launch! On 25th June ZOOM MAGAZINE will be launched at the Goethe Institute Nairobi. New upcoming artists who are featured in Zoom magazine will spice up the launch with their presence as well as with performances. The event will feature an upcoming resident dj, a live concert, and a comedy act that will be sure to liven the crowd. We soon tell you who it is! Some of our artworks will be on display as well, in the form of a mini exhibition. Hope to see you there and keep on supporting us! KOSA UCHEKWE (if you miss it we will laugh at you)

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