Change Everything
Change Everything is the book written by Christian Felber which contains the fundamentals on the Economy for the Common Good, a social movement present in more than 40 nations that proposes an alternative economic model based on values such as solidarity, human dignity, and sustainability among others. Our system is in crisis and we urgently need a more humane economy. It is now time to campaign in the US to foster the movement and become an internationally-recognized alternative.
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Project Implementation & Report

Christian Felber
Christian Felber1 min Lesezeit

Dear supporters!

Thank you so much once again for having made the US Tour possible.
Christian was in the US from the 14th till the 22nd of September and it was a great experience!
The trip set the foundation for some very relevant alliances for the Economy for the Common Good and the word on the ECG got spread in the west & east coasts.
Here you can find a report that Christian has written to inform you all about the trip, we hope you enjoy it!
Here the link:

Soon more good news related to the outcomes of this US adventure!

Christian Felber
Christian Felber
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