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Change Everything
Change Everything is the book written by Christian Felber which contains the fundamentals on the Economy for the Common Good, a social movement present in more than 40 nations that proposes an alternative economic model based on values such as solidarity, human dignity, and sustainability among others. Our system is in crisis and we urgently need a more humane economy. It is now time to campaign in the US to foster the movement and become an internationally-recognized alternative.
25.102 €
35.000 € 2. Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
19.10.16, 10:13 Christian Felber
Dear supporters! Thank you so much once again for having made the US Tour possible. Christian was in the US from the 14th till the 22nd of September and it was a great experience! The trip set the foundation for some very relevant alliances for the Economy for the Common Good and the word on the ECG got spread in the west & east coasts. Here you can find a report that Christian has written to inform you all about the trip, we hope you enjoy it! Here the link: http://www.changeeverything.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/ECG-USA-Tour-Christian-Felber_Final-Report_2016.pdf Soon more good news related to the outcomes of this US adventure!
28.07.16, 13:59 Christian Felber
Dear everyone! This is just a quick note to let you know that we shortly finalised the paperwork for the crowdfunding and in about one and a half weeks we will be able to start delivering the perks. We'll let you know the Webinar date shortly, which will take place during the month of August. Thank you for your patience! Have you checked the US Tour page? There are several stops to be confirmed very soon! http://www.changeeverything.info/tour/ You'll also receive all the information with the Dreamsletter shortly before the tour!
15.07.16, 18:34 Christian Felber
Such a happy moment! Thank you to each and every single one of you who contributed to this campaign. Thank you for your efforts, this is something we achieved together! It is a dream come true to be able to take the ECG to the US: we'll keep you posted on this new adventure. This is a very relevant milestone to foster the Economy for the Common Good, to strengthen this movement that strives for a new economic system based on the common good. This is just the beginning! #commongood #neweconomy #ECG
12.07.16, 12:57 Christian Felber
These are the last three days to support "Change Everything" and to take the Economy for the Common Good to the US! Thank you to all the supporters so far! We're only few steps away from making it possible. Only 875 Eur away: any amount is welcome, every little bit helps getting to the goal in these three upcoming days. Project update: The warm-up phase of the media campaign continues. Through this link hereunder you can find one more piece on the Economy for the Common Good, this time on a major US media channel:: CNBC. Don't miss the article or the heated debate it has started :-) http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/08/economy-needs-fundamental-reorientation-using-a-common-good-approach-author.html Much more coming very soon! #CommonGood #NewEconomy #ECG
08.07.16, 21:19 Christian Felber
Dear all, It's the last week! Final countdown for the crowdfunding campaign is on and we're almost there, it's about a final sprint! In a week's time this journey will end so that a new one can begin: let's take the Economy for the Common Good to the US! We have already started warming up and started spreading the message of the ECG in the English language, here you have the first posts naming the ECG in the US media: On Daily Kos: http://www.dailykos.com/blog/Christian%20Felber On alternet: http://www.alternet.org/environment/brexit-could-be-terrible-environment Much more to come from July 15th on, stay tuned!
29.06.16, 14:22 Christian Felber
Dear all, It's been a month since the launch of the crowdfunding campaign to take the Economy for the Common Good to the US through the launch of the book "Change Everything". This is a crucial action that can help boost the ECG movement to the next level and be able to foster a real change in our economy: an economy that has human beings in its centre. We need more time in order to get to the necessary goal to finance the whole project. Therefore, with the approval of Startnext, the funding phase will be extended till the 15th of July 2016. During these coming days we will develop some actions that we hope will lead us there, even starting some approach to some US Media. We only need 3.500 Euros more (3.800 USD) to get to the goal It's an all or nothing campaign: if we do not reach the 25.000 Eur goal, we will not receive anything. It's the last chance to help get the ECG to the US through this action. I'm very greatful for your support and hope that we can achieve this dream together: a better world through a new economy based on the common good for all. Christian
24.06.16, 17:22 Christian Felber
Dear followers and supporters! This is a final and very personal call for supporting my US tour in September via crowdfunding: Only 6 days left! These are my reasons for undertaking this tour: - First, the English version of the Economy for the Common Good „Change Everything“ is out now and bears the opportunity to bring the ECG movement to the country with possibly the highest leverage for spreading ideas worldwide. - Second, the economic ideas that have spread from the US recently have not always done good to the planet and the people. - Third , this is partly due to the influence of the „Austrian School of Economics“ which I do not support at all. The Economy for the Common Good is a completely different approach: holistic, based on values, aiming at the same rights and freedoms for all. - Fourth , the recent election campaign and many alternative, bottom-up and civil society project like e. g. „The next system project“ prove that there is a growing interest for a system change also in the US. I will be there from September 13 to 22, touring from West to East Coast. A very attractive agenda has started to crystallize and will be communicated soon. I would be grateful if you support it – as an integral part of the global building of the Economy for the Common Good. Thank you very much!