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In Griechenland supporte ich Aktivisten an der Grenze. Die Erfahrungen und Begegnungen die ich da mache nehme ich mit zurück in die Niederlande mit diesem Dokumentarfilm.
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Funds for Engage! And how you can stay updated in the future.

Laura Heinig
Laura Heinig1 min Lesezeit

I'm happy to announce that Alert Fund for Youth granted support for this project! It is a pretty cool organization that promotes engaged, young and independent projects striving towards a more equal world.
So, it's justPeople and Alert teaming up, yay!
This means that the movie production as well as the screening are more secured. To show the final product to as many people as possible in Nijmegen is dear to my heart. Sometimes some realities just remain in some kind of shell and we continue our daily lives. Whereas more information eventually can lead to more engagement and change!

On another note, in the upcoming weeks you can find updates on the justPeople page.
By doing so, the reality from the border and the reality in the Netherlands will move closer together, creating cross-border communication.

If you want to receive emails about these blog posts, please contact me here or via the justPeople contact form.

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