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Berlin ist die Stadt für Start-up Ideen – doch wer unterstützt eigentlich Ideen, die die Gesellschaft positiv verändern? Wir haben im letzten Jahr das Impact Hub Berlin auf 100 qm aufgebaut und bereits über 50 Gründern in der Umsetzung ihrer Idee gefördert, sie vernetzt und weitergebracht. Jetzt sind wir bereit das Innovations- und Gründungszentrum für soziales Unternehmertum in Berlin zu werden und ziehen in eine größere Fläche in der Friedrichstraße. Mehr Platz für Impact!
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How we create a collaborative workspace: co-creation & co-construction

Anna Laesser
Anna Laesser3 min Lesezeit

We’re not building a space for our community. We are building a space WITH our community. We want to create a space that fulfils the needs of our community to enhance their positive impact and unleash the power of collaboration. That’s why we decided to co-create the space together with our community from day one.

After two years of devastating space hunt across Berlin, we stumbled across a big, and beautiful space directly at Mehringplatz. The moment we stepped in, we knew: this is it. We immediately invited our community to take a look at it. Their first reaction: positive. We sat down and designed a co-creation process to involve our community and be transparent about what is happening when, why and how.

We want to share our unique process with you, as it reflects how we do things:

1) First Co-Creation Session: we showed our members images of the space and the floor plan. We asked them to divide the space into areas that they needed. Surprisingly, their ideas overlapped with what we had envisioned.

2) Second Co-Creation Session: we invited our members into the space to find out about their exact needs and wishes. Again, it was mind blowing to see the high level of engagement. A great bonus was that our architects joined us and got to meet the people for whom they were designing the space.

3) Architect Kick-Off: We sat down with the architects to share our know-how of collaborative, innovative spaces. The needs of our members, our vision and the ideas of the architects were a perfect combination.

4) First Draft Presentation & Feedback: After an intense phase of designing, the architects presented their first proposal to our community and us. Our members gave their feedback, shared their ideas and developed some elements. The architects implemented the feedback and iterated their design on the spot.

5) Constant Feedback Loops: There was a strong level of exchange between the architects, our community and us. Our main goal: keeping the process transparent and everyone engaged.

6) Co-Construction Sessions: Now, we are no longer planning on paper – we’re building it! We invite our community to support us with tarring down wall paper, painting walls and colouring the floor. It’s powerful to see the support that we receive!

Here’s a quick update about the most recent developments: our new walls are almost finished that have created a new meeting room and four offices – they are almost ready to be used. These offices will be the new home for innovation departments and NGO's who will settle in soon. They will bridge the gap between big corporates, non-profits and the start-up environment. It is exciting to see how it is all taking shape and becoming real!

The most amazing thing about it is that everyone's involved. We just got together with our helpers from our community who brought the walls to life, mixing paint with fun and laughter. And with new windows on the roof, there's even more light. You should come visit us to have a look!

As you can see, we believe in the power of co-creation. We believe that it creates ownership, a sense of belonging and more motivation to collaborate – this is fundamental to grow a strong community!

It’s not just on paper, it’s getting real. Get in touch and join us for our next co-construction session.

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