Crowdfunding beendet
Mit miraculix ist es uns gelungen einfache Substanztests zu entwickeln, womit erstmals die Bestimmung der Konzentration der Wirkstoffe LSD, MDMA und Psilocybin aus "Magic Mushrooms" unkompliziert und mobil durchgeführt werden kann. Wir wollen damit entscheidungsrelevante Informationen Jedem zugänglich machen, wodurch Risiken minimiert und Leben gerettet werden können.
17.290 €

we made it !!! - and now?

Frank Junger
Frank Junger1 min Lesezeit

Wow, you guys are awesome! We are mega overwhelmed that we have reached our first funding goal with your help!

A huge thank you goes out to each of you!!! We celebrate you hard.

This means we can now start building our own production and you can soon enjoy your well deserved rewards!!!!

But don't worry, this is not the end yet!!! =)
You still have the chance to get our rewards until this Sunday 23.00 CET.

The additional money we want to put into the further development of our app and thus make the evaluation of our QTests even more accurate for you! So it's worth it, let's give it our all at the end!

miraculix - Das Labor für die Hosentasche