( OFFTIME ). Einfach abschalten in unserer hypervernetzten Welt. Mit ( OFFTIME ) entscheidest Du selbst, was jetzt gerade wichtig ist: Halte ablenkende Apps, Anrufe und SMS von Dir fern und konzentriere Dich wieder auf Deine Arbeit, gute Gespräche zu zweit oder einfach Momente der Ruhe. Um alles andere kümmert sich ( OFFTIME ). Dadurch bist Du effektiver und kannst Dich besser erholen. www.offtime.co
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25.000 € Fundingziel 2
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Finanzierungszeitraum 25.06.13 11:16 Uhr - 26.07.13 23:59 Uhr
Fundingziel 13.000 €
Fundingziel 2 25.000 €

Mit 13.000€ können wir die Basis-App mit Euch in die Stores bringen, aber mit hohem finanziellen Risiko.

Wir brauchen 25.000€ um ( OFFTIME ) schuldenfrei als mitdenkende Lösung für mehrere Geräte zu entwickeln.

Alles darüber bringt uns der

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Pre-Order ( OFFTIME ) - The campaign is over. However, you can still pre-order the Android app here: http://offt.me/18UdyRr


Thank You! Our Crowdfunding Campaign was a Big Success! Continue reading → http://offt.me/12rnZfH


Let's give it a final boost. It´s not only us anymore, it´s all of you bringing in your ideas and motivation - and beautiful fotos with new inspiration FOR THE VERY LAST HOURS on Startnext. Give us now a very last boost... share our crowdfunding page. To make things easy, we created this page: http://offtime.co/sn_final/ Thank you!


You want to support us beyond money? You can do this sharing the startnext-page with your friends and spreading that you supported us already, share some good articles written about us (with a couple of likes here on our special page: http://offtime.co/snupdate/ ) or if you have more time by joining our community: ( OFFTIME ) Community on Google Groups ( http://offt.me/offtime_community ). Thanks a lot! this means the world to us!


What does the ( OFFTIME ) app look like? You can find some screenshots on what the app looks like here on our blog: http://offt.me/15CJp6g


Find some more details on the Preliminary Version (5,- Euro) and App Package with the Premium Features (15,- or 25,- as discount deal) here: http://offt.me/13dQ3kH


Why don’t you just switch off the phone? Isn't there already an app for this? Why don’t you just switch off the phone? Isn't there already an app for this? Can’t you just not use certain apps or put the phone on silence? This are questions we hear frequently and the quick answer is: no. The long answer you find here in our blog: http://offt.me/10we19X Hope this explains the whole issue a bit better. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask! We are happy to answer them.

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