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5. Spanisches Fimfest Berlin

5. Spanisches Fimfest Berlin

We are the first and only Spanish Film Festival in the capital that shows the latest modern Spanish Films in all its wide diversity.

Berlin Event
Santiago Gomez Rojas
Miguel Casanova
Carmen Talavera
Bana Banana
Alvaro Rennt
Mireia Sabadell
Freunde des Spanischen Films
2,500 €
2,500 € Funding goal
8 hours
 5. Spanisches Fimfest Berlin


Funding period 05.08.2016 19:16 Uhr - 01.10.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period 6. - 25.10.16 in all 3 cities
Funding goal 2,500 €
City Berlin
Category Event
We are the first and only Spanish Film Festival in the capital that shows the latest modern Spanish Films in all its wide diversity. Our goal is to present films to the Berliner audience above and beyond the well-known Almodovar. We want to offer, specially to young and female directors, a forum as a platform for open discussions and as a way to be in touch with the Berliner public. In 2016 we will be 5 years old and we would like to celebrate it with you all.

What is this project all about?

We present since 5 years in every edition an insight into the Spanish film production from the last 2 years. That means that we always present modern films from directors and young actors, who are not so famous outside Spain.

The Spanische Filmfest Berlin (SFFB) will take place from the 6th to the 9th. October of 2016 in the Moviemento Cinema. And we need your help in order to cover all the costs of this 5 years anniversary. We are also showing 5 films from the programme in Berlin in Hamburg in 3001 cinema from the 13th to the 16th of October and in Munich in Isabella Studio cinena from the 22nd to the 25th of October.

This Filmfest opens a room for an international meeting point between the artists and the audience. Through the discussions happening in this context, we can arise new perspectives and reflexions about the Spanish world, for example in areas like can be the social, economic situation and the sexual orientation, as well as the situation of the women or those people who are in danger of social exclusion.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With the realization of an annual Filmfest covering the modern Spanish cinematic art, we want to achieve a space to show, through the medium cienema, the cultural diversity as well as the political, economic and social aspects of modern Spain and also in this way we promote the German-Spanish dialog.

for the Medium Film with cultural diversity, as a mean

to show the high variety of politic, economic and social facets/aspects of Spain and as a way to promote the dialog between the two countries.

This dialog should not be limited to Spain and Germany, but it should be open to all the other Spanish speaking cultures outside Spain. With the Filmfest section “ Mit Anderem Akzent” (“With another accent”) we want to enlist Latin America on board. A small selection of the current films of a Spanish speaking guest country is presented in this section of the festival. In the past 3 years were Colombia, Argentina and Mexico our guest, this year it will be Uruguay.

It is very important for us to create an open place for everybody. That is why we try to integrate into the program of the festival all those different cultural and artistic forms of expression together with the diverse languages (that coexist) in Spain and the different ways of speaking Spanish in the world. Moreover, we want to widen our experience in Berlin of the multifaceted Spanish culture through the dance, the music and the culinary arts.

The Filmfest program is addressed to a broad public in Berlin and its surrounding area and therefore to everyone who is interested in Spain and its cultural heritage.

Why would you support this project?

We want to see Spain from another perspective, to show other kind of films and to open a window for the aesthetic sense, as well for the current affairs of the Spanish Film Industry.

Spain is much more than the image reflected still nowadays in the media and has much more to offer. We want to promote an intercultural exchange, where tolerance and diversity will be reinforced.

Everyone of us is working passionately for the Filmfest on a voluntary basis, but even though we are a non-profit association, we do not have the sufficient financial resources at our disposal to cover all the expenses, like for example the rent of the films and the cinema, transportation costs, advertising and promotion, catering, etc. We cannot afford a bank credit and that is why we are asking here for your altruistic help, hoping to reach as many people as possible who can be interested in our project.

Around 200 films are produced every year in Spain. Nearly the same as in Germany, but almost no one reaches the German cinemas. While the Spanish films touch a extremely wide range of genres, from sci-fi to thrillers, as a matter of fact just melodramas à la Almodovar have a real chance to come to be seen in Germany. We want to change it/this, and therefore we need your support!

Because of all that, you must keep an eye on this project. Look at the things differently! You can be part of the Film Festival by helping us in any way you wish.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Thanks to your help we will be able to cover, among others, the following expenses:

  • Rental/film rights and transport fees of exciting films that we could not afford before,
  • Outdoor advertising to draw the interest about our festival of so much people as possible all around,
  • Travel costs for the artists, giving you and all the guests the chance to know each other personally,
  • Essential and necessary costs for our voluntaries and staff: catering, logistics, transport costs, etc..

We definitely want to achieve with you all an unforgettable 5. Spanisches Filmfest Berlin and a Spanisches Filmfest in Hamburg and Munich.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind the project is, first of all, the non-profit association “Freunde des Spanischen Films e.V.” (“Friends of Spanish Films”).

We are a group of 12 strongly motivated people coming from different backgrounds (Spain, Germany, France, Bulgaria and Colombia), who have a deep interest and a great enthusiasm for the Spanish culture.

The association and the Filmfest would like to serve as a forum for an intercultural exchange between the public and the guest artists, as well as between film makers from Berlin and Spain.

Together we want to contribute to make of Berlin an even more colourful and tolerant city. For that, we need your support and help, to be able to celebrate an extraordinary Filmfest! ;-)


If you want to know more, please visit us: www.sffberlin.de und www.facebook.com/SpanischesFilmfestBerlin

Legal notice
Freunde des Spanischen Films e. V.
Santiago Gómez Rojas
Bremer Str. 43
10551 Berlin Deutschland

Freunde des spanischen Films e.V. (kurz: FSF e.V.)

-Registereintragung VR 31434 B, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg von Berlin

-Allgemeine Vertretungsregelung:
Der Vorstand im Sinne des § 26 BGB besteht aus dem Vorsitzenden und zwei stellvertretenden Vorsitzenden.
Der Verein wird gerichtlich und außergerichtlich vertreten durch den Vorsitzenden allein oder seine Stellvertreter gemeinschaftlich.

- Der Vorsitzende darf Rechtsgeschäfte mit sich selbst oder als Vertreter Dritter abschließen.

- Vertretungsberechtigte und besondere Vertretungsbefugnis
Gómez Rojas, Santiago, 30.04.1978, Berlin
stellvertretender Vorsitzender:
Gust, René, 08.01.1979, Berlin
stellvertretender Vorsitzender:
Mörike, Tobias, 25.04.1984, Berlin

Eingetragener Verein
Satzung vom: 22.01.2012 Durch Vorstandsbeschluss vom 05.04.2012 ist die Satzung geändert in § 13 (Vorstand).

-Tag der Eintragung 20.04.2012


Das Moviemento wurde mehrfach für sein hervorragendes Programm ausgezeichnet und ist eines der führenden unabhängigen Kinos. Hier laufen besondere Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme, anspruchsvoller Mainstream, Kinderfilme, Schulkino, u.a.

Internationale Autorenfilme und Dokumentationen in Orignalsprache mit Untertiteln sowie Open Air im Stadion.

Charmantes Filmkunstkino, das neben ausgewählten aktuellen Streifen spanischsprachige Originalfilme zeigt. Jeden Mittwoch zeigen wir einen Film aus Spanien oder Lateinamerika im Original mit deutschen Untertiteln.

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