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Soya the Cow ist eine Sängerin, Songwriterin und Aktivistin. Sie arbeitet an ihrem ersten Album, das im Frühling veröffentlich werden soll. Soya wurde geboren, um zu inspirieren und den Status Quo in Frage zu stellen. Sie kämpft für Tiere und all diejenigen, deren Stimmen nicht gehört werden. Soya steht für Liebe, Freiheit und Klimagerechtigkeit für alle Lebewesen auf diesem Planeten. Sie ist bereit, ihre Musik mit der Welt zu teilen, und dafür braucht sie Eure Hilfe!
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13.02.20, 10:32 Daniel Hellmann
My crowdfunding campaign soon comes to an end. Only 4 days left and thanks to your generosity and support, we have reached 73%. The principle of crowdfunding is ALL OR NOTHING. For this reason, I want to ask all of you to find a friend who makes a donation as well, or maybe just share the campaign on your social media and I'm confident that we can reach 100% over the weekend. Thank you :-) Many people together can make a difference!
31.01.20, 16:39 Daniel Hellmann
Yey! More than 8000 ... we're halfway there! A big and heartful thanks to the 50 supporters who have contributed so far! In the meantime we've received a lot of wonderful feedback, many vegan and animal right institutions have shared Soya the Cow's campaign within their networks. Thank you very much for this! Only together we can only fulfill our dreams of a world full of respect to all the living creatures! ❤️
22.01.20, 14:26 Daniel Hellmann
Soya the Cow had a small guest appearance yesterday in the program CLUB of Swiss television! What we eat is not only about us! It involves humans who have to produce the food, and it involves animals whose life is not here FOR us. Going vegan is how you can align your values with your habits - because I know that nobody actually wants to be cruel and violent with animals. Nobody wants our planet to become uninhabitable. Open your hearts and go vegan! It‘s wonderful and you‘ll discover so many delicious and cruelty-free ingredients. ❤️ https://www.srf.ch/programm/tv/sendung/P419646752527_T346136711812?fbclid=IwAR0XLoVFv6kHf310QS8Hr7tn5uPfogCM03BUQLyBfVr5VsPCEKkA_xiU074
20.01.20, 10:09 Daniel Hellmann
I spent my Saturday at the protest "WIr haben es satt" for a sustainable agriculture. We were an extremely colorful block of vegan agriculture and animal rights groups, demanding the end of livestock farming and the transition into a sustainable, just and plantbased food system. There were so many people and organisation who all do such amazing work for the animals, for the planet and also for all humans, by pioneering in organic vegan agriculture. This is the future! I was honoured to be able to sing and dance for this crowd of amazing humans.