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Strawinsky:animated – The Soldier’s Tale

Strawinsky:animated – The Soldier’s Tale

The "Strawinsky:animated" project creates a unique format for Igor Stravinsky‘s chamber music theater piece "The Solider’s Tale", combining the innovative staging of film anima...

Esslingen Movie / Video
Steven Walter
Minh Schumacher
Strawinsky:animated Team
10,060 €
10,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
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 Strawinsky:animated – The Soldier’s Tale


Funding period 13.03.2013 16:37 Uhr - 12.04.2013 23:59 Uhr
Funding goal 10,000 €
City Esslingen
Category Movie / Video
The "Strawinsky:animated" project creates a unique format for Igor Stravinsky‘s chamber music theater piece "The Solider’s Tale", combining the innovative staging of film animation, acting, and live chamber music performance. With your financial help, the objective is to produce a DVD with a filmed recording of the performance and bonus material on the dramatic staging with internationally outstanding young artists.

What is this project all about?

What is it that we own that we are prepared to exchange against a promise of something else?
The music theater "The Soldier's Tale" of Igor Stravinsky and Charles Ferdinand Ramuz addresses this central question in a moral tale featuring a soldier who sells his precious violin to the devil for a large and ready fortune.
"Strawinsky:animated" stages this powerful drama in a totally new way. Live chamber music by Stravinsky, animated film by the expert animation team Motionfruit, acting and drama, story-telling and dance are woven together here in a completely novel manner. A unique staging of this work emerges under the artistic direction of the young stage director Daniel Pfluger working with the outstanding young musicians of the PODIUM Festival.
The premiere takes place on 30 April 2013 in the "Scala" building in Esslingen as part of this year's PODIUM Festival Esslingen.
We want to promote the professional filming of this very special stage production with the help of crowdfunding in order to share the experience with a broader community. For everyone who cannot attend the live performance, we want to provide a live recording and publish the results as a high-quality DVD.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The PODIUM Festival seeks new and contemporary ways to perform and present classical music. In the "Strawinsky:animated" production, for instance, live chamber music and theater are combined with the immensely expressive medium of film animation to form a unique whole.
Such performances enhance the uniqueness and depth of the music. Not only for people who haven't had much to do with "classical" music so far, but also for them as well....

Why would you support this project?

"Strawinsky:animated" opens up Stravinsky's wonderful piece of music for a modern audience. With great pleasure and surprising insights, this production leaves all former conventions of classical music far behind, and sets out to find new, modern-day forms of interpretation.
Your help will contribute towards providing new access to the production for people who were not able to personally experience the live performance!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will help finance the production of a high-quality DVD (recording + bonus material) and a booklet, showing the complete work and some glimpses into the creative process of the project.

Who are the people behind the project?

The PODIUM Festival Esslingen emerged from the intense desire to do things fundamentally differently. Our constant guiding question is: How can we provide classical music with a concert culture that does it justice? How can we establish a classical music festival outside of standard conventions, relevant to today's society?
To do just this, some 40 of the most talented and promising young musicians and artists of other disciplines from all over Europe gather together in Esslingen once a year to rehearse and perform in this thrilling festival of classical music. The event is organized and carried out by a broad team of volunteers, an active network of young people, mostly students, who share a common vision of an innovative, even revolutionary form of classical music festival.
The festival program ranges from medieval music to premieres of contemporary music. Each concert is concerned with far more than a routine performance of a known repertoire. Here we all contribute to the performance of unvarnished but deeply moving stagings of magnificent music. We pursue the trail of authenticity, and the public comes right along with us.
For more information, see www.podiumfestival.de

Project updates


Vielen Dank für eure tolle Unterstützung bisher.. das schaffen wir noch gemeinsam! Nur noch zwei Tage!!


Wir freuen uns sehr, dass die Allianz Generalvertretung Knauber & Kömen uns im Endspurt der Crowdfunding-Kampagne unterstützt! Im Rahmen des Programms "KulturAllianzen" mit der Allianz Kulturstiftung unterstützen sie dabei auch motivierend für die Crowd: an den Schwellen 5.000€, 6.000€, 7.500€ und 9.000€ geben sie Beiträge in den Topf. Der erste Beitrag wurde bereits bei Erreichen der 5.000€ entrichtet. Herzlichen Danke für die Unterstützung und weiterhin fröhliches gemeinsames Crowdfunding - wir schaffen das! http://www.startnext.de/people/allianz-kna-ber-and-koemen


Die Projekt- und Dankeschönbeschreibungen stehen nun hier auch auf Englisch zur Verfügung!


Die Produktion "Strawinsky:animated - Die Geschichte vom Soldaten" wird unterstützt durch die KPMG Deutschland

Das junge PODIUM Team hat den ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis für Nachwuchsförderung, den red dot award, Kulturmarken Award "Trendmarke des Jahres" und viele weitere Auszeichnungen erhalten.

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