Das groovende Streichtrio DuckTapeTicket hat sich für sein neues Album eine erstklassige Rhythmusgruppe (gitarre-bass-drums) ins Studio eingeladen, mit der zusammen der große Freiraum zwischen Jazz und Rock, zwischen Komposition und Improvisation ausgespielt wird. Kern ist eine viersätzige Suite, um die sich stilistisch unterschiedlichste Stücke gruppieren. Damit das Album "The Undreamt Oasis" im Herbst erscheinen kann, brauchen wir eure Hilfe, um Studio und Herstellung zu bezahlen!
6.117 €
5.000 € Fundingziel

The English Version

Paul Bremen
Paul Bremen3 min Lesezeit

We have had several requests to offer an English version of the page. Of course, we feel honored to oblige - at least in the form of subtitles. Voila:

The Grooving String Trio DuckTapeTicket has recorded a new album, exploring the spaces between jazz and rock, between freedom and composition - together with a brillant rhythm section (git - bass - drums). At the albums core lies a suite in four movements, the titular "The Unrdeamt Oasis". Around it, there's a wide array of different pieces with their own language and style. In order to release the CD in September, we need your help to pay for studio time and production!

All rewards will be shipped in June, nearly three months ahead of the official release (transatlantic shipping might take some time, but will still be quite a bit earlier than ordering after the release).
Should we exceed the goal, we will use the money to take the rhythm section to a few concerts we have booked as a trio, so that as many people as possible can experience the full sextett live.


5€ - Passing the hat
A postcard from a limited DTT-edition, lovingly inscribed by us and a digital track from our first album (no longer available on CD)

12€ - The digital album
No frills: A digital copy of the album "The Undreamt Oasis"

17.50€ - Digital Plus
A digital copy of the album - the plus being: a postcard, a limited-edition DuckTapeTicket rubber duck, and a digital track from our first album

25€ - The Album
A CD copy of "The Undreamt Oasis" with a postcard

40€ The Album Set
- A CD copy of "The Undreamt Oasis"
- A lovingly inscribed postcard
- A limited edition DTT rubber duck
- A digital track from our first album
- All of that wrapped in a very-limited-edition tote bag with the beautiful "The Undreamt Oasis" logo

60€ The Double Album Set
All of the contents of the Album Set, with one extra CD

100€ The Live Set
An Album Set and two free seats at a DuckTapeTicket concert of your choice. Consult the tour plan! We are looking forward to meeting you and having a drink with you after the concert.

200€ The Workshop Set
We share our secrets! This will get you a one-on-one lesson in violin, viola, cello or arrangement from a DuckTapeTicket member. Consult the tour plan for dates in your area - for international donors: We'll figure out how and when to get together with you! Also includes one album set, of course.

500€ The Salon Concert
We play your living room! Here's your chance to book DuckTapeTicket for a private concert in front of you, your friends, your family... whomever you want to invite to a special evening. Consult the tour plan for dates in your area. International Donors: We'll have to talk about travel costs, but we'll make it work! Also includes one album set.

1300€ The Big One
We play your living room. And we'll bring the boys. This will get you a concert by DuckTapeTicket and the rhythm section! Consult the tour plan for dates in your area. International travelling might be tough with six people, but don't hesitate to contact us - we'll work something out! Also includes one album set.

All physical CDs will be signed, all postcards dedicated by hand!