Grid Elements 2.0
Verbessertes TYPO3-Backend mit neuen Features Das Ziel dieses Projektes ist die Veröffentlichung von Grid Elements 2.0 im Frühjahr 2013. Diese Extension wird kompatibel zum neuen TYPO3-6.0-Core sein und zahlreiche neue Funktionen zur Verfügung stellen, wodurch die tägliche Arbeit mit dem Content-Management-System erleichtert und damit beschleunigt wird.
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New Youtube video online

Jo Hasenau
Jo Hasenau1 min Lesezeit

Last night around 3:00 AM we uploaded a new video to replace the rough-and-ready one we used before.

As Petra already mentioned in a former blog post it took us quite some time to get the first one ready, so you can imagine that this was even more work, but we think it was worth our while.

You will see a screencast showing you what Grid Elements currently is about, hear some statements we collected at T3CON12DE and get additional information about the funding process. Everything in bilingual mode with appropriate subtitles.

Now take a look at it and spread the word! :-)

BTW: You can find it at our start page.

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