Crowdfunding beendet
Wie großartig wäre es, wenn wir die Ozeane mit richtig gesunden Tampons retten könnten? Gemeinsam mit Dir wollen wir diese Vision Wirklichkeit werden lassen: Wir entwickeln den weltweit ersten Tampon aus Meeresalgen - radikal nachhaltig, ozean-freundlich und gesund. Sichere Dir jetzt dein persönliches Testpaket!! #seaweedrevolution #tangpon
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We cracked the 50.000€!!!

Ines Schiller
Ines Schiller1 min Lesezeit

You did it !!!!

What a weekend - you really stepped up and almost 200 people are already supporting!

One of you supported us with a terrific big donation, which brought our test-batch production within reach.

That's why you can now secure your test package directly - or several for you and your friends!

We have added 3 new rewards: You can get your personal Kelpon test package for one menstrual circle or let also your friends enjoy the first tampon made from seaweed and get the double pack. If you want to supply your gang, grab the Kelpon Party test packages for 5!

Making the test production possible was the intention of the supporter and we are infinitely grateful for this push! We are simultaneously touched and proud that a non-menstruator is so committed to gender equality and ocean health.

So that many more can follow and you and your friends have enough time to secure the test packages we have extended the crowdfunding until 10.10.22.

Share the news and let's crack our goal of 100.000€ and start the Kelpon production!!!

Vyld - Nachhaltige Produkte aus Meeresalgen