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Monica Kisic Aguirre


Hi! I am a Peruvian Culinary Artist, Chef and Scientist passionate about culture, anthropology and food. In 2010, after 12 years of a career in science and research, I finished my PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and "switched" towards the Culinary Scene, where I have now over 11 years of experience. I developed my own singular cuisine, always inspired by seasonal, organic and vegetarian produce.

My life and intuition have slowly guided me towards finding the science, the art, the research, the love and the meaning of food. Not only as a means to be creative and to provide an experience but to really reconnect back to our Selves and the Planet. I am now committed to being a sincere example and force of change towards the way we see food, helping people reconnect by reconsidering food and its 'waste'.

I love to be in Berlin, a city where you can breathe freely and which holds so much space for change. I am also a super proud mom in this place I can call home.

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einpott – Fertigmahlzeiten ohne Kompromisse

Bio, vegan und im Pfandglas – lasst uns gemeinsam den einpott auf den Markt bringen. Gutes Essen für alle!
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einpott – Fertigmahlzeiten ohne Kompromisse

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WoW: die CO2-tracking-app für das 1,5° Klimaziel!
Daniela Kronpass

Lela Lose

Der erste Unverpackt Laden mit Cafè in Erding
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Lela Lose