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Projekte / Music
Schmiede // the playground of ideas
Schmiede is Austria’s biggest producer festival. Since 2003 we annually provide a collaborative platform between art and new media. A real space with real people, a creative playground and stage as well as a community. Schmiede is based on the principles NETWORK - CREATE - PRESENT, hence cooperation and diversity are highly valued. Schmiede’s focus is to create a frame for creative teamwork to happen and ensure networking amongst the participants (Smiths). pictures: www.bit.ly/whatisschmiede
5,006 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
16/10/2012, 14:45 Ruediger Wassibauer
Dear Supporters and Fans: dankie, faleminderit, chokrane, chnorakaloutioun, çox sag olun / tesekkur edirem, eskerrik asko / milesker, Дзякую (dziakuju), dhanyabaad, hvala, merci / blagodaria, (thint ko) kyay tzu tin pa te, gràcies, xièxie, grazie, hvala, děkuji / díky, tak, dank u wel / dank je wel, thank you, dankon, tänan / tänan väga, vinaka, kiitos, merci, dankewol, gracias / graciñas, danke, ευχαριστώ (efharisto), mèsi, mahalo, toda, dhanyavad, köszönöm, takk, terima kasih, go raibh maith agat, grazie, arigatô, kam sah hamnida, spas, khob chai (deu), gratias ago /gratias agimus, paldies, aciu, merci, blagodaram, misaotra, niżżik ħajr / grazzi / nirringrazzjak, bayarlalaa (Баярлалаа), takk, motashakkeram, mamnun / mochchakkeram, mamnun, mersi, dziękuję, obrigado / obrigada, mulţumesc, спасибо (spacibo), faafetai lava, gratzias, tapadh leat / tapadh leibh, hvala, dakujem, hvala, gracias / muchas gracias, asante / asante sana, tack, salamat (po), mauruuru, ขอบคุณคะ (kop khun kha) / ขอบคุณครับ (kop khun krap), tesekkur ederim, sagolun, tau, diakuiu, diolch, ngiyabonga / siyabonga / ngiyabonga kakhulu (thanks very much) :) Special Thanks to SUMSE and startnext.de
15/10/2012, 09:58 Ruediger Wassibauer
Dear fans and supporters, for our last day of our crowdfunding we want to present two projects. The first one "Absorbit" was made at Schmiede2012 by Adam Awan & Rene Baumgartner in collaboration with the University of Applied Science Salzburg, CADET and PELS . Absorbit is a cutting edge multiplayer movement based game. Run and your orb follows you, growing as you absorb stars and smaller players! https://vimeo.com/groups/schmiede/videos/51193008 The second one is using the same technology for interactive floor visuals. In the video (thanx Michael Perfahl) they show some shader experiments with interactive floor tracking showing different eye candy realtime visuals for public space interaction. Big thx to Florian Berge, Robert Praxmarer and Gerlinde Emsenhuber .. This was developed at Schmiede12 together with CADET/PELS research . https://vimeo.com/groups/schmiede/videos/51192942 So again, please help us move this project to the finish line, now is time. Please show your support by donating, becoming a fan, spreading the word and letting your creativity run free! Let´s use the next 13 hours to bring this last project to a happy end. Here you can find more smith projects www.bit.ly/schmiedev! Thank you for your support!! The SchmiedeTeam
13/10/2012, 20:50 Ruediger Wassibauer
Dear fans and supporters, here is another great project 74R505 , which was realized during Schmiede12. Watch the "M4kin9 0f" https://vimeo.com/51329176 and the wonderful team working on it. We definitely love it! Thanx to: jassi hagleitner, darren kirwan, micha elias pichlkastner, tim schenk, raimund schumacher, caro wimmer, micha elias pichlkastner, jassi hagleitner, darren kirwan, micha elias pichlkastner, gregor sams(a), christoph tripp Two more days to help us build an even stronger team for 2013. Greetings from the Schmiede Team
11/10/2012, 18:57 Ruediger Wassibauer
The Hinect team was working on an installation / performance by using the Kinect. Check out their video and read about their approach and their highlights ;) https://vimeo.com/50487725 Thank you eva schaller, iris raffetseder, matthias motzi husinsky, stefan salcher, markus wagner and martin mosch unterlechner . And THANKS to all of you out there - we have reached the 3k... 4 more days to make it happen. with the kindest regards and thanks for your support! Schmiede
10/10/2012, 12:09 Ruediger Wassibauer
Thank you Thomas Bauer, Henner Wöhler and Alice Thudt for the interactive spray can "LaserGraph" ! LaserGraph: https://vimeo.com/groups/schmiede/videos/50392655 Here you can find more Schmiede12 projects www.bit.ly/schmiedev Schmiede more about the Smiths behind LaserGraph: http://abm089.de/ & http://tom2k.tumblr.com & www.henner-woehler.de
08/10/2012, 20:15 Ruediger Wassibauer
Smith productions are coming in and we will try to give you some more impressions of what has happened during the 10 day Festival. For the beginning: some darkness. Thank you Yogi, Peter Zeitlhofer and TOMTATION for "Fear of the dark" Here you can find more projects www.bit.ly/schmiedev Schmiede
29/09/2012, 11:39 Ruediger Wassibauer
Dear Fans and Supporters, Due to an unexpected tiredness after a glorious Schmiede12: ZERO (us as well as the Smiths) we found ourselves short on time. This was especially painful as in the last days our startnext project started to reach flow, so we did the unspeakable: ask for more time. We thought our startnext project would fall short of expectations and bling bling if we couldn't include at least a few of the Schmiede12 projects still in the pipeline. So now we can announce YUHUUUU - We received the startnext OK to extend our crowdfunding period to Mo. October 15th 2012 We heard there were a few misunderstandings, the Schmiede12 startnext project is not to finance Schmiede12 but the SchmiedeTeam 2013. We chose to use Schmiede12 for this initiative due to the attention generated as well as the thematic correlation with ZERO (Collaborative Consumption) So once again this is a call to action. Please support our cause and help us keep things going. @all Smiths 2012 please post your projects into the SmithGroup (fb) so we can share them. with the kindest regards and thanks for your support. ruediger
28/09/2012, 10:09 Ruediger Wassibauer
Dear Supporter, Fan and Smith, Schmiede12 was a blast and an equal success. One project remains in the air, “www.startnext.de/schmiede”: for all of you who still want to support us: now is the time. Our funding period ends in 2 days (Sun. Sept. 30th) All proceeds of this initiative will flow into building an even stronger and better SchmiedeTeam for 2013. Please help us build and hold our outstanding team! Many projects are in the pipeline and will be presented, here is a quick peak at the many faces of Smith: the WE-ALL-WALL 2012 (by Maria Morschitzky ). It shows all Schmiede12 participants (Smiths) and the SchmiedeTeam. So again, please help us move this project to the finish line, now is time. Please show your support by donating, becoming a fan, spreading the word and letting your creativity run free! Let´s use the next 48 hours to bring this last project to a happy end. Thank you. See you next year! Rüdiger
18/09/2012, 12:52 Ruediger Wassibauer
Dear friends and foes, this years Schmiede extravaganza is flowing along in a bright mix of colors, interactive installations, workshops and myriads of smoking laptops. We shall keep you posted on the coming excitement with de.part just having arrived from New York, cinema vertigo ready to bombard the facade, Zeit is Held and more to come. Stay tuned.
22/08/2012, 21:50 Ruediger Wassibauer
The playground of ideas on the island in the alps (Hallein, Salzburg) will happen for the tenth time. (September 13. - 23. 2012)
11/08/2012, 09:13 Ruediger Wassibauer
The video functions as the narrator’s stream of consciousness. There are no linear storylines, but strong images connected to the narrator’s memento of the past, the presence and the future. The decision to use these fluent imagery works best for showing that every tense presents itself in the present: the very moment of thinking. Directed by Judith Holzer and Rainer Kohlberger in 2007. With Gabriella Cserhati. Soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra. Entry for the Radar Music Video Festival 2008. produced at Schmiede07: We are
09/08/2012, 11:18 Ruediger Wassibauer
one shot desert rave video walking you through Schmiede10. by drama und stern. cannot wait so see what they are cooking for 2012. http://dramaundstern.tumblr.com/
07/08/2012, 08:47 Ruediger Wassibauer
Today something for the ears. In the SchmiedeSoundCloudGroup you currently find 83 Smith productions and mixes. very diverse styles (21 Contributors). enjoy
06/08/2012, 08:56 Ruediger Wassibauer
what is Schmiede? explained with large pictures and little words
04/08/2012, 12:10 Ruediger Wassibauer
GERMAN AND ENGLISH DiDi (Digitaler Discontent) ist ein umfassender SchmiedeÜberblick. DiDi (Digital Discontent) is a broad Schmiede overview Projekts, Interviews, Pictures, Smiths, enjoy

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