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This project will release the long awaited TYPO3 Marketplace to shift TYPO3 CMS to the next level.

The T3Marketplace will empower the whole TYPO3 Community with its easy and fast exchange of extensions and services, over a shop-platform. You have to build extension for your clients or you're in need of a responsive theme? Check the T3Marketplace and get what you need. And of course most of you already developed cool extensions and features which for some reasons you won't push into the repository. Now you can put them into the T3Marketplace and enrich the T3-Ecosystem a lot.
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TYPO3 Marketplace Feature: Split Cart

Boris Hinzer
Boris Hinzer1 min Lesezeit

Imagine we are already having the TYPO3 Marketplace running. Now we expect that a client would like to buy two or more products or services from different vendors, at the same time.

This is where the split order feature comes in. Once the customer buys any amount of goods of different vendors, this function splits his cart to several orders including different order ids automatically.

With this approach, the TYPO3 Marketplace could ease the process for the order of each vendor and handle their appropriate commissions, taxes, licenses, products, downloads, and lots more much easier than it would be in one single order.

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