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German Angst
www.german-angst.com Drei eigenwillige deutsche Regisseure bringen euch drei Alpträume in einer faszinierenden Horror-Anthologie – und werfen eine frische neue Sicht auf das Genre. In drei Geschichten von Liebe, Sex und Tod entführen JÖRG BUTTGEREIT ( Nekromantik, Der Todesking ), ANDREAS MARSCHALL ( Tears of Kali, Masks ) und MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI ( Zero Killed ) in die dunkelsten Gassen von Berlin.
31.804 €
30.000 € Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
21.06.13, 14:06 Michal Kosakowski

To all of you out there supporting our film GERMAN ANGST. The date of our great EVENT is finally here. Sunday, this Sunday, June 23 starting at 9pm at Berlin's Z-inema.
Not wishing to spoil the surprises we have lined up for you, here we offer you just a hint of what's to come.
Surprise 1: Jörg Buttgereit is going to premiere footage of one of his recent works.
Surprise 2: Andreas Marschall will allow you to peek inside his ROOTS.
Surprise 3: Michal Kosakowski will take all of you innocent tourists on a journey into darkness.
This is only a small part of what awaits you....

But, let's be honest. We conceived this EVENT as a giant push in our campaign, it's make or break. Come and enjoy the evening. And even if you can't make it you can still show your support by purchasing some of our treats on the German Angst site.

Hope to see you there!