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The Open Stage Berlin
The Open Stage Berlin - Die erste interaktive Chronik der Berliner Musikszene Wir wollen festhalten, welche Menschen und Orte momentan den Soundtrack der Stadt weben, MusikerInnen fördern – und kostenlos all jene inspirieren, die auf der Suche nach guter Berliner Musik sind.
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Artist portrait - La Banda del Prete

Christian Blümel
Christian Blümel2 min Lesezeit

We proudly presents La Banda del Prete as the 1. act for the bonfire concert!

La Banda del Prete, named after its grounder Arnaldo Prete, was born in Berlin in 2012. Beyond music, it is an ode to cultural diversity that Arnaldo Prete expresses through his compositions. Moving out from its natal South Italy to Mexico and then Brazil, it did not take long until the young sing-a-song writer fell in love with Latin music and start mixing up Italian folk with jazz, Bossa Nova and Afro-Latin rhythms. In 2010, Arnaldo Prete settled down in Berlin and formed Vatapá de Fruta Paõ, whose repertoire explores the diversity of Brazilian music, from the finest Bossa Nova to the most Afro-rooted sambas. Soon, those influences would turn into his mayor inspiration for composing original music. In 2013, Arnaldo Prete travelled to Brazzaville (Congo) where he recorded his first album with local musicians. Back in Berlin, Arnaldo and la Banda del Prete come up with a fresh original sound, a sound to make you dream, dance and travel across borders, languages and musical genres.

Check out his brand new album:


Check Out the video of The Open Stage Berlin with La Banda del Prete!