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The Open Stage Berlin
The Open Stage Berlin - Die erste interaktive Chronik der Berliner Musikszene Wir wollen festhalten, welche Menschen und Orte momentan den Soundtrack der Stadt weben, MusikerInnen fördern – und kostenlos all jene inspirieren, die auf der Suche nach guter Berliner Musik sind.
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Artist portrait - Philipp Taubert

Wolfram Döbler
Wolfram Döbler1 min Lesezeit

With both quiet and driving acoustic guitar accompanied the Berlin singer-songwriter Philip Taubert his picturesque German texts. His musical style is caught between Country, Folk and German singer-songwriter tradition.


As a native of Berlin the Stalinist architecture along the boulevard of Karl-Marx-Allee through to the skyscrapers around Alexanderplatz takes place in Philipp Taubert’s everyday life since he was born. Even his early childhood memories lead back to this area and are crucial part of his songs. It just seems to be coherent to come back to this very familiar place and bring a guitar. There is nothing more natural than singing and playing songs wherever you feel home.

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The Open Stage Berlin