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The Open Stage Berlin
The Open Stage Berlin - Die erste interaktive Chronik der Berliner Musikszene Wir wollen festhalten, welche Menschen und Orte momentan den Soundtrack der Stadt weben, MusikerInnen fördern – und kostenlos all jene inspirieren, die auf der Suche nach guter Berliner Musik sind.
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Artist portrait - Tinka & The Blank Faced

Wolfram Döbler
Wolfram Döbler1 min Lesezeit

Tinka & The Blank Faced are a young Neo/Future Soul band from Berlin. The frontwoman Tinka impresses with her elegant charm of soul singing and Hip Hop attitude. Together with the band, they create an amazing combination of Neo-Soul, Old School Hip Hop and groove. It’s music for smooth souls in dance shoes.

Check out the video of The Open Stage Berlin with Tinka & The Blank Faced!

If you want to see Tinka & The Blank Faced live? Come to our Kick-off Party on the 28th of March. The tickets for this event are sold exclusive as a reward. We'll sell no tickets at the door!

The Open Stage Berlin