Crowdfunding beendet
Karma Chakhs
Endlich Chucks ohne schlechtes Karma. Hier geht's um den nächsten Schritt des Crowdfunding: Crowduction! "Friss oder stirb" war gestern, ab morgen bestimmt die Crowd, was wie produziert wird. Auslieferung im Juli 2013. Musik: Dara Sepehri Fotos: Tina Linster, Fair Trade Center Breisgau, TumblR Blogs
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Introducing Karma Chakhs Supply Tree

Van Bo Le-Mentzel
Van Bo Le-Mentzel1 min Lesezeit

The Karma Trip is over! I am back in Berlin and so happy and Tired at The Same Time. Thank you Fairtraders in Sri Lanka (Rubber), India (Cotton) and Pakistan (Stitching and Finishing) for welcoming us. And thank you Dear Crowd in Germany for participating. The Shoes will be shipped in around 2 Weeks. I am so happy to find New Karma Friends such as Modaser and Asad from Talon Sports (Pakistan), who really were Great hosts. I ve learned so much about religions, family business, Fair Trade Production but most of all: We have to relearn to trust eachother. For more We and less Me! Watch the movie here:

Karma Chakhs