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Jenny and her anarchistic gang make a decision. Climate change, refugees at the fences of Europe. Trapped in camps. Spectating is no option any more..

DECKNAME JENNY ("ALIAS JENNY") is a film project initiated by the self-organized film school filmArche. Together with committed and authentic actors, activists and many other, we want to tell a story about radical social resistance – with elements of a political thriller, but close to reality. To be able to make this important film we need quite an amount of money. There's technical equipment, catering, gas and other stuff we have to buy. This is why we need YOUR support!
Funding period
7/9/16 - 9/10/16
August - November 2016
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Minimum amount (Start level)
13,000 €
Movie / Video
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Vielen Dank an alle Unterstützer!Thanks to all supporter, merci merci!

filmArche Berlin
filmArche Berlin1 min Lesezeit

Wir haben den nächsten Zweitausender erklommen und sind sogar schon auf halbem Weg zu 3000 EUR! Vielen, vielen Dank an alle Unterstützer! Es ist zwar noch ein weiter Weg, aber wir wissen, dass mit Eurer Hilfe alles möglich ist!

We crested the next two thousand and are even half-way to 3000 EUR! Many, many thanks to all our supporters, merci beaucoup! It's still a long way to go, but we know that everything is possible with your help!

Liebe Grüße, Cheers & Grosses bises

Jenny und ihre Bande

Deckname Jenny - (Eine) Geschichte wird Film

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